MO - Catholic officials lose at MO Supreme Court in child sex case

The Missouri Supreme Court today ruled against St. Louis-based Catholic officials and for a child sex abuse victim in a clergy sex abuse and cover up case involving the Marianists and one of the nation’s most notorious child molesting clerics, Brother William Mueller (who now lives, unsupervised, in Texas).

We're grateful this brave victim will have a chance to expose the child sex crimes and cover ups by these Catholic officials in court. The Marianists are among the most reckless, callous and deceitful Catholic religious orders and Brother William Mueller is among the most prolific predators. Parents, parishioners, and the public deserve to know how top church officials ignored, concealed and enabled Mueller to hurt dozens of boys in at least three states by quietly transferring him from school to school to school after repeated, credible abuse reports surfaced. Thousands of alums of schools where Mueller worked - like Vianney and Chaminade and St. Mary’s – also deserve to know the truth about corruption by Catholic school and church officials.

At least seven other St. Louis Marianists have been publicly named as credibly accused pedophiles – Brother Louis Meinhardt, Brother John J. Woulfe, Fr. William Christensen, Fr. Robert R. Osborne, Fr. Charles Miller, Fr. Daniel A. Triulzi, and Brother Tony Pistone. (Child sex abuse suits against Triulzi, Osborne and Mueller has been settled. Miller works today in the Vatican.)

The victim is represented by Ken Chackes. The Marianists are represented by Gerald Noce. Both are from St. Louis.

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