MN - Ex Catholic youth minister does shocking interview

A former Catholic youth minister has made some startling admissions in a long investigative television news report. He’s Matthew Feeney who worked at the Church of St. Joseph’s in St. Joseph, MN before running a talent agency and being charged with child sex crimes. 

It is hard to take the word of a child predator at face value when he claims that he suddenly stopped abusing kids. Feeney admitted to molesting 10-12 kids in early 1990s, and also admitted to inappropriate conduct with at least four other kids. We don’t believe that Feeney magically stopped violating boys in the early 90’s, and we think it’s dangerous for police and prosecutors to believe him as well. 
We are grateful to the advocate who recorded Feeney admitting that his actions since he was convicted of abusing kids in 1992. It is clear that Feeney is a danger to children, and for the sake of kids, we hope that this admission will push law enforcement officials to aggressively reach out to potential victims and witnesses in every area where Feeney has been.

Feeney claims that he wants to make amends and wants to help the children that he’s victimized. The best way for him to do this is come forward to police today and tell them about every crime he has committed so that the victims can be found and helped.

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