Mitchell Garabedian Talks New Abuse Cases

Mitchell Garabedian Talks New Abuse Cases

Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who handled a lot of the sexual abuse cases in the United States and was played by Stanley Tucci in the movie "Spotlight", recently talked with radio program Here and Now about how since the movie Spotlight came out the phones at his law firm have been ringing non-stop. 

The movie which covers the Boston Globe's early 2000s investigation of clergy sexual abuse, has gotten a lot of publicity after winning two Oscars on Sunday, one for Best Original Screenplay and another for Best Picture. 

Listen to Garabedian's interview below for a first hand account of what was happening during the period depicted in "Spotlight" and hear him address ongoing abuse today. 

To read the rest of the article, including a statement from the Boston archdiocese, go to 


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    I loved the movie and cried during half of it…thankyou for doing this…you focused on boys…i have been told that it is more shocking than girls..but it was just as much horrifying for us also…our priest molested countless girls…in the five generations…two grades above and two below me in our little village school…i was the only one to come forward. we were put down and had hate letters from little old ladies. he finally went to jail in a farm setting..while we the victims tried to get thru the days. it took many years to finally get a settlement..they carried it on and on until we were to dam tired to not accept the 30,000 settlement..this is what my entire childhood and the rest of my life is worth…thats it..thankyou for bringing this to the forefront…Sandie
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