Michigan launches state-wide investigation, SNAP responds

For immediate release, September 23, 2018

Statement by Tim Lennon, SNAP President, [email protected], 415-312-5820

We commend Michigan's Attorney General for initiating an investigation of the seven Catholic dioceses in that state. Such an effort will give voice to the hundreds of victims who have been hurt, many of whom have suffered in silence for decades. A thorough investigation will provide an opportunity for victims to achieve a measure of justice by holding predators and their enablers accountable.



Michigan joins many other states who have initiated a state-wide investigation or are exploring that possibility, including NY, NJ, IL, FL, CA, NM, and others.   There may be more: we only know of the Michigan investigation because it was disclosed in the wake of a freedom of information request.

We implore the Attorney General to establish a hotline for victims and survivors to report the harm they have suffered. A hotline has been used to great effect in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In the month following the release of the Grand Jury Report the Pennsylvania hotline received an additional thousand calls, with no end yet in sight. 



PA hot line  888-538-8541 still taking calls     NJ hotline  877-652-2873     NY hotline  800-771-7755.

In the meantime, we encourage all survivors to contact the Michigan Attorney General.


(SNAP, the Survivors Network, has been providing support for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings for 30 years. We have more than 25,000 survivors and supporters in our network. Our website is SNAPnetwork.org

Contact:    Tim Lennon (415-312-5820  [email protected]), Becky Ianni (703-801-6044, [email protected]), Melanie Sakoda (925-708-6175, [email protected])

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