MI- Clergy sex victims "unimpressed" with Bishop Sample's promotion

We’re sad that, once again, the Pope has promoted a bishop who has dealt poorly with pedophile priests and their wounded victims. During his tenure in Marquette, Bishop Sample has done nothing to distinguish himself from the overwhelming majority of Catholic officials who continue to minimize and hide clergy sex crimes.

At least eight Marquette priests have been credibly accused of sexually assaulting kids. We see no evidence that Sample took any real steps to warn families about them or aggressively seek out others who they may have been hurt. In each case, as best we can tell, Sample did the absolute bare minimum.

A decade ago, the Marquette diocese admitted publicly that it wasn’t trying to defrock its predator priests. We see no evidence that Bishop Sample has become any more aggressive at ousting dangerous priests from the church payroll.

We also see no evidence that Sample is insisting these credibly accused child molesting clerics live in supervised settings so they’re kept away from kids.

We hope Marquette’s next bishop is more assertive about healing the wounded, protecting the vulnerable and finding the truth. 

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