A Memorial Letter to a Friend, Mike Drabik

The below letter was written by Claudia Vercellotti, longtime SNAP leader in Toledo, OH and friend to Mike Drabik. 

I  just learned of your unexpected  passing. I’m crushed. You were always kind to me as a SNAP leader. I deeply appreciated your unwavering support that kids should not be sexually abused nor the crimes against them covered up within the Catholic Church. 
I loved and admired your deeply seated convictions and efforts to hold the Toledo Catholic Diocesan Bishops accountable.  I remain grateful for all the risks you took to support accountability, expose child predators and work for justice. You were always a steady supporter, a true ally of SNAP.
Your timely letters calling for reform to the Bishop, withholding contributions to the church and willingness to meet and stand in solidarity out there with me, Barbara Blaine, Marcia Holtz, Marian Blaine, MaryJean & Tom Mcarty,  Linda Tremp Waters, Joanne Ward, Jon Schoonnaker, Tony Comes and many, many others in pursuit of justice was amazing! 
I remain grateful for all the behind the scenes things you did to protect kids. I always admired how your deep Catholic faith fueled your call to social justice and  activism. You never wavered. 
I remained in awe of your commitment  to fitness, reducing your carbon footprint and was so happy that you got your new, peaceful house in recent years.
On your first heavenly birthday, just days after your death, may you find true peace and unconditional love in the arms of Jesus. Clearly, the world was much more interesting with you in it. Kids were safer. More than words, thank you for your friendship, support over 30+ years. Most of all, thank you for working so diligently to ensure that what happened to us happens to no one else,  I miss you already.
In solidarity,
Claudia Vercellotti 

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