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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

SNAP responds to Cardelli sentencing

Our hearts go out to Cardelli’s victim. Cardelli’s strict prison sentence may offer her some small degree of healing, but unfortunately recovering from this sort of devastation can take a lifetime.

Priest suspended; SNAP responds

Whatever became of all those pledges by Driscoll and his brother bishops to be “open” about clergy sexual misdeeds? This kind of continuing secrecy violates the promises Catholic officials have made over and over again for the past decade.

Magee to comment on his role in crisis; SNAP responds

Anything that Magee does now is meaningless. For decades, he was a powerful figure in the church hierarchy in Rome and in Ireland. Instead of using his considerable power to protect kids, he used it to endanger kids.

Clergy sex victims getting checks; SNAP responds

It’s important to remember that it never should have come to this. Had Catholic officials acted like decent human beings and reported child sex crimes – both known and suspected – to police and prosecutors, thousands of innocent kids would have been spared horrific abuse.

2 Irish dioceses say money is tight; SNAP responds

If Catholic officials will deceive people about child sex crimes, they’ll surely deceive people about wealth.

Victim sues camp for abuse, SNAP responds

We applaud Ms. Madden for reporting her abuse to the camp two years ago, discussing it publicly about it now, and taking action to expose the wrongdoers who concealed the heinous crimes. She’s a brave woman who, by acting responsibly, will no doubt encourage others who are suffering in silence to speak up and get help and expose predators and protect kids.

MS - MS victim of predatory preacher steps forward; SNAP responds

We applaud this brave man who has called police about an admitted child molesting cleric. It’s hard for victims to speak up, but that’s what it takes to safeguard kids, expose predators, and prevent crimes.

ON - London diocese sued for sex abuse, SNAP responds

Our hearts go out to Fr. Robert’s alleged victims as they come forward with this lawsuit. We thank them for their courage – it is usually incredibly difficult for childhood victims to come forward even well into adulthood. Far too many people have experienced ongoing suffering like David Turrill's.

Germany - SNAP responds to German priests

German Catholic priests should care more about protecting vulnerable kids than clerical reputations.

Even if the predators are deceased, the truth of their crimes should be exposed for the healing of their victims and the entire church.

MO - Shocking new lawsuit filed vs. porn priest

  • In March, bishop gave cleric permission to be near children
  • His being with kids was no mistake, suit says, but Finn’s deliberate choice
  • While supposedly “restricted,” cleric was on computer & travelling a lot
  • Then, less than three months ago, troubled Catholic priest exploited another girl
  • Self help group blasts diocese for not putting Ratigan in secure treatment facility

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