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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Three recent troubling NY clergy sex cases involving Dolan

In Milwaukee, Dolan posted names of child molesting clerics on his archdiocesan website. In New York, he refuses to take even this simple, inexpensive step toward protecting kids. He’s going backwards, not forwards, regarding child safety.

SNAP responds to promotion of Archbishop Timothy Dolan

As long as the Pope keeps promoting church officials who keep parishioners in doubt, victims in pain, and kids at risk, there will be more child sex crimes.

SNAP responds to Church seeking 19 year old victim's records

We are here today supporting a brave teenager who was physically assaulted by Fr. Joe Ross and is now being emotionally assaulted by Archbishop Robert Carlson. 

SNAP responds, Federal grand jury indicts Pittsburgh priest

We're grateful that a federal grand jury indicted Fr. Sorenson on charges he possessed thousands of pornographic images of young boys. Children never deserve to be treated in such a harmful way, especially with such lifelong consequences that come with being sexually abused with child porn.

LA Bishop Admits Fathering Two Children, Victims Respond

Our hearts ache for Bishop Zavala's young children, who hopefully will find healing and wholeness now that their father and the church have acknowledged them in such a public manner.

Unprecedented attack on victims by KC Catholic officials

This is an unprecedented bullying effort to silence and invade the privacy of victims and their allies and protect predator priests and their corrupt supervisors. It’s an expensive, cumbersome fishing expedition that tramples on the constitutionally-guarantees of freedom of speech, association and privacy and cripples our ability to counsel and console deeply wounded men, women and teenagers who turn to us for help.

SNAP says accused pedophile priest is a flight risk

At least three Sacramento predator priests - Fr. Gerardo Beltran, Fr. Jose Luis Urbina and Fr. Francisco Javier Garcia - are believed to have fled California after sexually assaulting kids.

Omaha priest accused of abuse; SNAP responds

We are grateful that a victim of Fr. Salanitro is stepping forward. When victims stay silent, nothing changes. But when victims find the courage to take action, there's at least a chance for prevention, healing and justice.

SNAP blasts archdiocese for stifling police reports

It's alarming that Philly Catholic officials still want to interfere in criminal investigations by insisting that their defense lawyers be involved in every single conversation or e mail between church employees and law enforcement.

Victims blast Syracuse DA for disparaging 4th Bernie Fine accuser

Onondga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick is out of control. First, he disparages the third man who reports being abused by Bernie Fine. Then, he disparages the fourth man who reports being abused by Bernie Fine.

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