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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

A Paterno resignation would a good start, but not enough

If Joe Paterno resigns as the head football coach at Penn State, it is a good start. However, it is nowhere near enough. Voluntarily giving up your high-paying, prestigious job under pressure isn’t a sufficient penalty for endangering the physical and mental wellbeing of children and won’t do enough to deter such cover ups in the future.

KC nun speaks out about embattled bishop

When asked why I speak in support of victims of clergy sexual abuse and participate in solidarity with members of SNAP, it is because I have heard first-hand the stories of those abused and have witnessed their anguish caused by the abuse.  I know, too, the valuable and desperately-needed support and services SNAP offers to the victims. 

SNAP praises brave nun & courageous child sex abuse victim in KC

It takes real courage for anyone to stand on a bishop’s doorstep and criticize him. That’s especially true if you are a Catholic nun. It takes real compassion to openly challenge your ‘superiors’ and publicly side with suffering victims and vulnerable kids. That’s especially true if you are a Catholic nun and you’re in a diocese headed by a particularly callous, reckless and deceitful bishop.

Victims want Penn State Resignations

Each and every person at Penn State who knew about or suspected Coach Sandusky's alleged child sex crimes should publicly apologize and step down. This includes:

NV Predator priest’s written confession is released

  • NV Predator priest’s written confession is released
  • It shows that 16 church officials knew he had molested
  • Yet cleric kept getting parish jobs until six months ago
  • Predator was working around children in a Las Vegas church
  • Four top Catholic prelates (& an Episcopalian one) kept silent

Cardinal Law turns 80 - Pope should “accept resignation now” SNAP says

Tomorrow, Cardinal Bernard Law turns 80. Since resigning from his post in Boston almost a decade ago, he has continued to enjoy immense power in the literal and figurative power center of Catholicism, sitting on a number of key church panels (including the small committee that helps select bishops across the globe).

SNAP responds to revelations that church investigator had child porn

The fact that the man who was supposed to be investigating pedophilia was a pedophile himself is a sad and sordid reminder that the church hierarchy is the last place that those with knowledge of abuse should turn to for help. While the specifics of this particular case may be more egregious than most, the fact remains that all too often church officials care more about protecting the reputations of their priests and bishops than they do about protecting the safety of our children.

SNAP applauds brave young victim in Brooklyn

We are proud of this courageous young girl who today had the strength to stand up in public and warn others about the dangers posed by youth pastor Jose Velez, the man who abused her. We applaud her family for believing and supporting her, and we are grateful that they were smart and brave enough to go to police instead of church officials. It is a good thing that Velez was held criminally liable for his crimes against Diana Flores, but it is sad that the Brooklyn Pentecostal Assembly still refuses to take responsibility for his actions. 

Statement on the John Doe case by a VOTF member

We're glad they failed, but Catholic officials at Conception have no business acting in litigation like mean-spirited corporate honchos.

Fr. Parry has admitted molesting kids. So why isn't Conception Abbey acting with compassion instead of combativeness? Why is the Abbey's first response to this lawsuit to try and get it dismissed?

Text of the John Doe v. Conception Abbey Case.

You can view the Judge's order (allowing the case to move forward) regarding the John Doe v. Conception Abbey case here. 

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