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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

SNAP reaches out to Kanakuk Kamps victims and witnesses

Our hearts ache for the victims of Lee Bradberry. At the same time, we are left wondering how it is possible that – after having already had a high-ranking staff member, director Pete Newman, arrested for child sex crimes – Kanakuk Kamps allowed the same thing to happen again? 

SNAP responds to court ruling in Arkansas

We hope Arkansas lawmakers quickly remedy this dangerous situation. Teachers, like clerics, enjoy tremendous power over the youngsters and teens that rely on them for guidance. That power is easily abused, almost always with devastating consequences.

Disgraced Catholic official to preach in NYC; SNAP responds

Noted Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo (of “Whispers in the Loggia”) reports that Cardinal Tim Dolan is bringing disgraced Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia to St. Patrick's Cathedral to preach next Thursday.

Courts deal blow to sex abuse victims: victims respond

We are sorely disappointed that the California State Supreme Court did not agree with the legislative intent of the law and have now deprived many victims the right to use the civil courts for justice and accountability.

SNAP responds to conviction of Pastor Keith Boyd in LA

We are grateful that Pastor Boyd has been convicted of his crimes

Why the trial in Philadelphia is so significant

There have been many different attempts by many different people to get bishops to act responsibly in child sex cases. But nothing seems to have much impact. 

Former Orange County Priest pleads guilty, Victims respond

First, we want to thank the Orange County District Attorney's Office for working diligently over the past decade to ensure that Denis Lyons faced justice in the criminal courts. Despite numerous setbacks, prosecutors have never lost sight of the threat that Lyons has continually posed to children across the county.

SNAP responds to arrest of predator priest in Louisiana

We are grateful that Fr. Mark Broussard has been apprehended and will be prevented from harming more children. We are extremely upset and disturbed, however, at the revelation that documents were found in this predator priest’s file that detailed sexual contact with at least four other children. It is unconscionable that someone could have knowledge of these depraved crimes and yet do nothing to stop them.

An ex-Philly priest pleads guilty to abuse; SNAP responds

We’re grateful that Avery’s victim won’t have to endure a trial. We hope all of Avery’s victims will feel comforted, knowing that kids will be safe from him for several years. 

Statement from Megan Peterson about the arrest of Jeyapaul

My name is Megan Peterson and I am 22 years old now and I am a student and I live in Winona. I’m here to speak the truth about what happened to me in 2004, and what has happened since then.

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