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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Grand Jury fails to indict Msgr. Brady, SNAP responds

The bar for criminal prosecution in child sex cases is pretty high. Still, we are disappointed that a grand jury feels that there is not enough evidence now to prosecute Msgr. Thomas Brady. We hope that others who may have seen, suspected, or suffered Brady’s crimes will come forward and make a report to the DA’s office. Only this way will the case be able to proceed.

Roeland Park priest accused of abuse, SNAP responds

A Roeland Park priest has been accused of molesting a boy at a youth outing in the 1980s.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish abuse & cover up revealed; SNAP responds

Our hearts ache for the brave victims of ultra-orthodox child molesters. And we extend our deepest sympathies to their suffering families, especially Mordechai Jungries and Pearl Engelman. 

SNAP applauds student for blowing whistle on NH cover-up

A student may not graduate from college this spring because of his refusal to be silent about child sex abuse and cover up case in New Hampshire. He is Chris Peterman, and the case involves Chuck Phelps and Bob Jones University in SC.

Ontario Priest Released From Jail - Victims Respond

Fr. Alejandro Castillo pled guilty to molesting a child. He served time in jail. He has been ordered by the court to be a registered sex offender. Despite that, San Bernardino Bishop Robert Barnes has done little to nothing to reach out to parishioners and other potential victims.  Why do we know that? Because Castillo's supporters, many of whom raised money for his bail, threw the child-molesting priest a party upon his release.

Child molesting bishop from MO, TN & FL passes; SNAP responds

Amid nearly complete and callous - silence by Catholic officials in Missouri, Tennessee and Florida, Bishop Anthony O'Connell passed away last Friday.

SNAP applauds whistle-blowing student in SC

It is unconscionable that a student could be denied his chance at graduation for refusing to be silent about a possible sexual-abuse cover-up, but unfortunately, witnesses and whistleblowers are often the targets of smear campaigns when they attempt to report what they may have seen.

New charge against KC bishop; SNAP responds

We applaud the new charge against Bishop Finn. At the same time, however, this kind of legal maneuvering by the prosecutor wouldn’t even be necessary if not for Bishop Finn’s desperate hair-splitting defense moves. 

Hawaii Opens Window for Survivors, Victims Respond

Last month, Hawaii officials made their state safer for children by enacting a law that will help expose dangerous child predators. The measure creates a two-year civil window for victims of child sexual abuse and opens the courthouse doors to dozens of victims who, until now, were denied justice. It also means that at least some child molesters - and any colleagues or supervisors who helped them hide their crimes - may be publicly exposed as the wrongdoers they are.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia press conference over accused priests, SNAP responds

We are shocked that fourteen months after a grand jury raised concerns over 37 accused priests only 8 of these cases are resolved. 

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