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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

CA- Bishop Brown retires, SNAP responds

Today, the Diocese of Orange has announced the retirement of Orange County, California Bishop Tod D. Brown. We will learn the name of his successor tomorrow.

Poland- Photos reveal disturbing initiation ritual, SNAP responds

We are deeply concerned over photographs showing an “initiation” ritual posted on the St. Dominika Savio Silesian School’s website. No matter what you call it, the pictures are clearly showing inappropriate behaviour with minors. 

OH - Columbus priest arrested for soliciting sex from a minor online, SNAP responds

We are grateful to police for pursuing these charges. It is sad that with the advent of modern technology, the reach of child predators has grown exponentially. Because of the easy access to children that the internet provides, we urge parents to be careful to monitor their children’s online activity and report any suspicious messages or conversations to secular authorities.

ND - SNAP responds to rampant abuse allegations on Native American reservation

It's heartbreaking to learn of the extent of child sex crimes at Sprit Lake Indian Reservation in North Dakota and the woefully inadequate response to it from authorities.

IL - Victim of Joliet priest speaks out

Yesterday I received a call from the Diocese and learned that the Bishop has changed his decision about returning Fr. Ryan to ministry. The spokesperson, Molly Fara, told me she wanted me to be the first to know so that I would not learn about the Bishop’s new stance from the press.

Canada- Last day for residential school abuse claims to be filed, SNAP responds

Today is the last day for aboriginal Canadians, who suffered abuse while in the residential school system, to file a claim. After today the only way to file a claim will be through court action.

Joliet bishop again ousts predator priest, SNAP responds

Joliet Bishop Conlon has reversed himself, putting a suspended, credibly accused child molesting cleric back on the job last week and removing him again this week.

PA - Chaput removes priest in Philadelphia, SNAP responds

Archbishop Chaput has placed Fr. Michael Chapman on leave from ministry after receiving more allegations against the priest in May of 2012.

CA - New files show that Boy Scouts concealed predators; SNAP responds

Here's the next step in the Boy Scouts child sex abuse and cover up scandal - every Scout official who knew of or suspected or concealed these heinous crimes should be ousted and, if possible, prosecuted for failure to report possible child sex crimes to law enforcement.

IL- Victims blast Joliet bishop’s secrecy

Joliet's bishop refuses to do interviews about his decision to put a once-suspended and credibly accused predator priest back on the job and refuses to make public alleged correspondence with the Vatican about the move.

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