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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

NJ - NJ lawmakers vote on abuse bill today

New Jersey state senators are expected to vote today on a measure that would give child sex abuse victims more time to pursue civil lawsuits against child molesters and those who employ them.

NY - Ex-Buffalo cleric accused of abuse

A former Buffalo area Catholic priest's name appears on a list of priests ‘guilty of sexual misconduct,’ according to yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer. The Rev. Ted Podson taught at the Buffalo-area Devon Prep school before leaving the school when he accused of sexually assaulting a child. He was named on a list that was compiled in 1994 by recently-convicted Msgr. William Lynn.

The Economist analyzes Catholic wealth; SNAP responds

Church officials handle money the same way they handle predators—“it’s our business, you stay out of it.” Catholic bishops want the benefits of money from the government but refuse to be clear about or held accountable for how it is used.

PA - Pittsburgh priest, Fr Valentine, leave of absence for inappropriate facebook postings to minor

No one knows much about the allegation vs. Fr. Valentine, so we must make assumptions. We can assume he's fine, but that may put kids at risk. Or we can assume there's more to this story, and that may help protect kids. So it's clear what the prudent course is - to assume, for now, that we must be careful around Fr. Valentine.

IA- Minister goes on trial - SNAP responds

We are grateful that victims of Rev. Edouardare stepping forward and seeking justice in the courts. When victims stay silent, nothing changes. But when victims find the courage to take action, there's at least a chance for prevention, healing and justice. 

MO - Supreme Court rejects SNAP's bid to stop KC discovery

The Missouri Supreme Court has denied our writ seeking to stop the intrusive and intimidating legal maneuvers by Kansas City Catholic officials who want 24 years of communications between our support group and victims, witnesses, whistleblowers, police, prosecutors, journalists and others who seek our help.

OR – Priest to be arraigned today, SNAP responds

In the early 1990s, Catholic bishops claim, seminaries began to better screen and train potential priests about sexual difficulties. The charges against Fr. Angel Perez and dozens of other young clerics prove that those bishops' claims are exaggerated and those programs are problematic. 

IL - More McCormack victims come forward, SNAP responds

We are not surprised that more victims of Fr. Daniel McCormack have come forward. He was one of the most prolific predator priests in the entire church, and we expect even more victims to come forward in the future, especially if victims such as these two men continue to find their voice and speak publicly about their abuse.

MO- SNAP on new church report: "more secrecy & PR"

A fish rots from the head down. No matter how well intentioned Ms. Valenti may be, she’s yet another Catholic lawyer hired by – and answering to – a reckless, deceitful and callous Catholic bishop. No matter how many new lawyers Bishop Finn hires, Bishop Finn still calls the shots. 

MO - Iowa man protesting nuns

An Iowa man who says he was molested as a boy by a nun is prodding the largest group of US Catholic sisters to do more to “protect the vulnerable and heal the wounded.”

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