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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

NY - Brooklyn teacher arrested for abusing a student, SNAP responds

A music teacher in Brooklyn has been arrested on charges he pressured a member of his teen choir into a sexual relationship.

FL - SNAP pushes for compassion from supporters of accused pastor

After reading details of this case, we are bracing for more victim-blaming and accusations that the two victims in this case had made up or exaggerated their claims against Darrel Vincent Moore. We urge those who want to support Rev. Moore to do so in private and avoid public displays of support that will only serve to intimidate victims and other potential witnesses.

IL - SNAP to Moose International: “End the delays and remove Airey now”

A week ago, a doctor filed a child sex abuse lawsuit against the CEO of Moose International. It’s time for action. The Moose board should suspend its CEO.

IL - Abusive priest wins court ruling, SNAP responds

It’ll be a merry Christmas for a convicted child molesting Catholic priest. He gets to keep both his secrets and his pay. For the second time this month, a judge has ruled in favor of Fr. Kenneth Martin. First, he was allowed to keep his personnel records private. And yesterday, he was awarded his paycheck.

OH - SNAP calls for action at Steubenville High

A lengthy New York Times story this week provides chilling details about the rape of a girl and the inadequate response to that crime by Steubenville school officials.

Aus- Catholic University approved research into paedophile clergy, SNAP responds

Once again, evidence surfaces that Catholic officials deliberately hid known and suspected child sex crimes from law enforcement officials. It's particularly disturbing, however, that academics played a role in this reckless deception.

MS - Trial against John Langworthy set to proceed, SNAP responds

We are grateful that the case against Rev. John Langworthy will move forward. Delaying or denying the trial would only have endangered kids and hurt victims.

MS - Victims urge "action," not "waiting" in child sex abuse case

A Hinds County judge will decide whether Rev. John Langworthy, who has admitted to “sexual indiscretions” with boys in Mississippi and Texas will be prosecuted or freed.

OH - Ex-Ohio priest admits molesting kids; SNAP responds

A priest who studied and worked in Columbus “had a series of inappropriate experiences with teenage boys” taking at least three of them “on overnight trips, intent on teaching them how to masturbate.” He also claims he was “bullied by fellow classmates into (masturbating) at his Catholic high school in Columbus” (according to news accounts this morning).

WA - Diocese of Yakima discloses abuse by priest, SNAP responds

While we’re glad Yakima Catholic officials admit that Fr. Hilario Ramirez is a credibly accused child molester, we’re sad that they’ve delayed this disclosure for months and are apparently refusing to give many details.

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