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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

PA - SNAP “says throw the book at false accuser”

What a dreadfully mean-spirited person. We hope he gets therapy. Even more, we hope he gets the maximum penalty possible, to hopefully deter anyone else from acting so irresponsibly and hatefully. 

FL- Woman Says George Zimmerman Molested Her For More Than A Decade, SNAP Responds

We applaud this brave woman for reporting the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of George Zimmerman. 

NJ- Priest Arrested in Alleged Sex Abuse, SNAP Responds

We are very grateful to this brave family for reporting Fr. Chris’ crimes. This takes real courage. They should be commended for acting responsibly and promptly.

MT - Priest accused of molesting in MT - Victims respond

A Catholic priest in Wisconsin has been suspended because of allegations that he molested a child in Montana. All child sex crimes are heinous and devastating. They're even worse, however when committed by spiritual figures on innocent, vulnerable and isolated children in already-oppressed minority groups.

OH - No charges vs. Catholic priest-victims seek more action

It's heartbreaking every time Catholic officials who commit and conceal child sex crimes exploit legal technicalities and escape consequences for their wrongdoing. We feel terribly sad for this brave victim who deserves but apparently will not get his/her day in court.

NM - 3 Navajo Men Settle Abuse cases v. ex-New Mexico Cleric

 We are grateful to these three brave victims for breaking their silence. While a trial may have provided the public the opportunity to learn the full truth of Cichanowicz’s crimes, we are glad that these survivors can now put this ordeal behind them and work on healing.

Child sex cases settle v. Indiana counselor/ex-priest

Now that this settlement has come down, we hope that the Alpine Clinic – where Fr. Chuck Cichanowicz worked with teens as a counselor – will finally disclose the whereabouts of their former employee. We believe they have a duty to protect children wherever Cichanowicz may be living by informing the public of the results of these cases and Cichanowicz’s history.

Catholic Church loses case in UK, SNAP responds

We applaud this ruling and the message that it sends. We believe that, when church officials who conceal or enable are held accountable alongside the offending priest, it helps deter future crimes. Church officials who remain silent and fail to report crimes to police must be held responsible as well, both financially and publicly.

OH- Former associate pastor welcomed back, SNAP responds

This is an extraordinarily callous and dangerous move. Forgiveness is good. Recklessness is not. 

PA - SNAP applauds Freeh report but urges further action

We applaud this report, but by itself, it changes nothing. Understanding the past is good. Changing the future, however, is hard. So everyone involved should be vigilant and determined, not naive and complacent.

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