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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

NM - New NM bishop blasted on child sex cases

We are not optimistic about Bishop Oscar Cantu’s promotion. Pope Benedict has appointed a number of bishops in recent years who have terrible track records on child safety. 

IL- Southern IL school district wants abuse suit tossed out

A southern Illinois school district is asking an East St. Louis judge to toss out a civil lawsuit that charges school officials with ignoring a teacher’s child sex crimes.

NM- New Mexico Catholic bishop to be named tomorrow

We are not optimistic about Las Cruces' next Catholic bishop. Pope Benedict has appointed a number of bishops in recent years who have terrible track records on child safety. 

Germany- Clergy sex victims respond to Catholic study cancellation

Once again, Catholic officials are backing away from a commitment they've made about the pedophile priest crisis. 

VT- Pedophile priest cases settled; SNAP responds

We are glad these brave victims will be spared the stress of a trial. And we are grateful to those who were courageous enough to step forward and wise enough to seek justice in court. We hope this settlement will help bring them sorely-needed closure and healing. 

AR- Arkansas priest ousted; SNAP responds

Something here doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’ with the defrocking of Fr. Royce Thomas.

MO- SNAP urges legislature to adopt recommendations

When the legislature convenes tomorrow, we hope it will quickly adopt the recommendations of a recent task force on child abuse, especially the one allowing evidence of so-called "signature crimes," commonly referred to as propensity evidence, to be used in child sexual abuse cases. 

MT- Clergy sex victims blast 'deal' with child porn priest

We are disappointed that the child porn charges against Fr. Rudy Bullman have been dropped. Fr. Bullman was caught with images of nude boys on his hand held game console and his personal computer. Children are safest when predators are behind bars. 

NJ- New York official to head Camden diocese; SNAP disapproves

New York Auxiliary Bishop Dennis Sullivan is a poor choice to head the Camden diocese. 

NH- Predator priest resurfaces at PA school; SNAP responds

A predatory New Hampshire priest has just been found working in a Philadelphia area school, despite the fact that Catholic officials have paid a settlement to at least one of his victims and promised he’d never be around kids again.

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