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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

MO - SNAP presses for further action from outspoken KC priests

The New York Times reports that roughly half of the Kansas City diocese's priests have no confidence in Bishop Robert Finn. Sadly those sentiments, unless backed by action, won't change a thing. 

Aus- Victims slam lawyers who want abuse inquiry slowed

Those who want to slow down an inquiry into child sex crimes and cover ups are wrong. They may be well-intentioned. But they are essentially - and callously - resigning dozens or perhaps hundreds of innocent children to devastated lives.

SA - SNAP applauds victims in Chile for coming forward

We applaud these three brave men for seeking justice and exposing wrongdoing. When child sex abuse victims sue because horrors have been committed and concealed, they help deter future horrors and cover ups.

Rome- Vatican disciplines dissident priest: SNAP responds

A tiny handful of priests are "dissidents." But the Vatican seems to discipline them often and harshly.

IL - SNAP challenges “redemption” notion for abuser

Put Mel Reynolds’ bid for public office aside for a minute. Focus instead on his alleged rationale: “redemption.” It’s wrong. 

TX - Victims applaud move to seize cult's TX ranch

We applaud Texas authorities who are moving to seize the FLDS ranch where children were abused and may still be being abused. Some may consider this move excessive. We consider it prudent.

PA - Abuse panel recommendations made public, SNAP responds

We’re disappointed that this panel puts so much emphasis on mandatory reporting laws when there are better ways to stop child sex crimes. 

NY- Columbia professor backs accused "Elmo" child molester & insults gays

A Columbia University professor is siding with a twice-accused child molester who is the voice for the character Elmo and is hurting gays and lesbians in the process.

CA - Embattled San Jose pastor resigns, SNAP pushes for more information

We're glad this irresponsible pastor, Fr. Lieu Vu, has resigned. He needlessly and deliberately put kids in harm's way by letting a convicted child molester volunteer at at leastt one parish function. He also foolishly argued for "forgiveness." While forgiveness is good, it shouldn't be mistaken for prudence.

MO - Trial proceeds vs. priest

A civil child sex abuse and cover up lawsuit against who has been called “Illinois’ most notorious predator priest” is moving ahead and will be the focus of a hearing today in St. Clair County Illlinois.

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