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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

SNAP responds to release of David Pierce

We've very worried that this convicted serial child predator is being released so quickly and will soon again be around unsuspecting families. 

Finn’s new staff say “no anonymous abuse reports;" SNAP responds

For decades, most Catholic bishops have assured their flocks they “take child sex abuse seriously” and “act promptly” on reports or suspicions of abuse. So it’s disconcerting that only now Kansas City church officials are claiming they’re starting to “look into suspicions of abuse.”

Victims comment on child sex abuse reform bills advancing

Whenever a lawmaker stiffens penalties against child predators, our children are safer from abuse.  We applaud Senate Majority Whip Mary Jane Garcia's tough new criminal bills and hope that other lawmakers in the state follow her lead.

Philly judge issues rulings this morning; SNAP responds

This morning, a Philadelphia judge ruled again that retired Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua will testify in the upcoming clergy sex abuse and cover up trial involving Msgr. Lynn.

Notorious ex-CA pedophile priest jailed; SNAP responds

One of the most notorious serial child molesting Catholic clerics in California history has apparently been jailed in Ireland for child porn. 

Serial child predator may be paroled; SNAP responds

The Alabama parole board tomorrow will consider paroling a serial child predator, Charles Donald Corley, who manipulated and assaulted children through both a Boy Scout troop and a Methodist church. The board should err on the side of the safety of kids and keep Corley behind bars.

Victims respond: Former JSerra teacher charged with seven counts of unlawful sex acts with 14-year-old

We applaud the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney's Office for their diligent investigation of Ricardo Aldana's alleged crimes. We sincerely hope that the criminal justice system works for the victim in this case and that the complete truth about Aldana and his actions is made public.  That is the only way to keep children safe right now.

SNAP to Archbishop: “Help police, protect kids, do outreach”

Church officials have allegedly reformed, right? Then explain this: For decades, when a priest from diocese “A” was accused or suspended or arrested or charged or convicted in diocese “B”, rarely (if ever) did Bishop “A” disclose the news to his flock.

Another KC predator priest is suspended, SNAP responds

We ache for the victim or victims of this priest. We also ache for KC Catholics who have been reeling for almost a year from a seemingly never-ending stream of revelations, accusations, lawsuits and criminal investigations into church officials.

Catholic priest admits abusing kid; SNAP responds

Let’s hope Fr. Boudreau is put behind bars for a long time so no more kids are hurt. Let’s also hope that others who saw, suspected or suffered his crimes will step forward, get help, expose wrongdoers and start healing.

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