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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Four People Added to National Abuse Review Board, SNAP Responds

Four people have been added to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ National Review Board. Rather than bring on outsiders, every single person named has close ties with their local diocese, something we do not think bodes well for the efficacy of this review board now and into the future.

SNAP Fact Sheet on Bishop Mitchell Rozanski

Here are some of our observations and concerns about Bishop Rozanski’s dealings with abuse and cover up in recent years:

Diocese of Richmond Investigating Allegations against Four Former Priests

The Diocese of Richmond has announced investigations into four former priests following allegations of child sexual abuse. We call on Catholic officials in Richmond to do outreach at every parish where these men worked so that other victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers will be encouraged to come forward.

Still No Charges for Former Wyoming Bishop Despite Police Recommendations, SNAP Calls for Action

Despite two separate investigations and the recommendations from local police to file charges, Wyoming prosecutors have yet to take any steps forward. We call on the district attorney of Natrona County to make a public update on the case, explain his office’s delay in filing charges, and immediately take steps that can help prevent future cases of clergy sexual abuse.


Catholic Officials in Guam Sue After being Denied PPP Loan

Once again, Catholic officials are suing the government over the payroll protection plan (PPP) loan program. We suggest that, rather than sue the government, these church leaders should offer some creative incentives that would help protect the vulnerable in exchange for being considered for funding.

Brooklyn Bishop Calls Allegations “Libelous,” SNAP Reacts

A New York Catholic prelate who is facing multiple allegations of child sexual abuse is lashing out at his accusers publicly, threatening to file a lawsuit against them. We condemn this intimidation tactic and challenge the bishop to fight the allegations on their merits in a court of law.

3 Springfield Priests Temporarily Removed Following Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Three priests from the Catholic Diocese of Springfield have been temporarily removed from their positions following allegations of abuse. We call on the Diocese to release the names of those clerics to the public and for church officials to do outreach to any victims who may still be suffering in silence

Second Man Comes Forward to Accuse Brooklyn Bishop of Sexual Abuse

A second man has come forward to accuse a prominent Brooklyn bishop of child sexual abuse. We applaud this survivor for coming forward and call on Cardinal Dolan to immediately remove the bishop from his position while the allegations are investigated.

SBC Delays Vote on Clergy Abuse Reforms and Ignores Suggestions from Baptist Advocates, SNAP Responds

A critical vote to advance reforms aimed at curbing cases of clergy sexual abuse was delayed when the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention was canceled. While we recognize that the spread of COVID-19 has caused plans nationwide to change, we also recognize that “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and believe that the SBC should use alternative means in order to have this needed vote and continue the work of preventing cases of sexual violence within the SBC.

Ex-Detective Says He Was Fired for Investigating Abusive Priest, SNAP Calls for AG Review

A Michigan detective is alleging that he was fired from his job for investigating sexual abuse allegations against a local priest. We applaud this detective for his role in prosecuting the priest in question and hope that Michigan’s attorney general is paying attention to this case and will review whether Catholic officials had any undue influence on this detective’s job.

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