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MO- Victims announce new court filing

Victims announce new court filing

They're part of 40+ who just won $1.1 million

Group also blasts bishop over counseling refusal 

Veteran abuse advocate calls arbitrator's award “historic


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, victims of clergy sex abuse and their supporters will announce and give copies of their new court filing, which seeks to finalize the $1.1 million that an arbitrator has awarded them. They will also blast Kansas City's Catholic bishop for continuing to

--deny therapy for victims and/or put unnecessary restrictions on that therapy, and

– wage an “incredibly expensive” legal defense battle, instead of honoring the binding arbitration process.

A nationally known abuse victim and advocate will

--explain why their unprecedented lawsuit and the arbitrator's historic decision impacts victims across the country, and

urge those victims in other cities and states to consider filing similar suits to force bishops to live up to their child protection promises.

The group will also prod everyone who sees, suspects or suffers clergy sex crimes to keep coming forward and calling police.    

IN- Victims blast church over 2 predator priests

Victims blast church over 2 predator priests

They're worried about where accused clerics are now

Bishop should visit every parish where the men worked

And he should beg “victims, witnesses & whistleblowers” to “speak up

Group also wants diocese to post names of child molesting clerics on websites

OH- Victims blast 2 new church moves

Victims blast 2 new church moves

They're worried about principal who was selected

And they're angry about new diocesan chancellor

Group has also heard from another victim of deacon

But bishop refuses to admit several allegations have been made

Prelate's secrecy continues to endanger kids, SNAP charges
Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, advocates for clergy sex abuse victims will blast two new appointments by Youngstown Catholic officials. They are;

PA- Victims thank church for outreach effort

And they “out” another Pittsburgh predator priest

Church admits he committed “sexual misconduct

But cleric is also accused of assaulting a PA boy later

Catholic officials should send more letters, group says

SNAP: Bishop Zubik “only acts when prodded to do so


Holding childhood photos and signs at a sidewalk news conference, clergy abuse victims and advocates will;

WA- Predator priest is now at Catholic college

Predator priest is now at Catholic college

For at least seven years, he worked in Seattle

Cleric is accused of molesting two Alaskan boys

Church officials claim he has 24-hour supervision

But he now works in “campus ministry” at Gonzaga

Group wants Seattle & Spokane prelates to “warn their flocks

And they want Jesuit officials to “oust priest & explain their recklessness

MN- Abuse victims want answers from Duluth bishop

Victims want answers from Duluth bishop

SNAP: “Why delay suspending accused predator?”

Cleric is accused of abusing a child in Europe St. Paul

But local Catholic officials waited at least two weeks to act

Group calls on those who were hurt to “protect others by speaking up”

OH- Predator priest now teaches

Predator priest now teaches  

And they want his defrocking status disclosed
SNAP: “Catholic officials should move faster!”

Steubenville prelate should “push harder,” they say

Accused child molesting cleric was sent to 3 treatment centers

MO- Two groups hold vigil

They're appalled by archbishop

Just-released deposition gets national attention

And “it's going to get worse,” abuse victims predict

Local archdiocese faces three “very tough” lawsuits

Carlson's comments were “not an aberration but part of pattern” they say


A small, short vigil will be held to condemn the recent words and deeds of St. Louis' top Catholic official in clergy sex abuse cases. (Some participants will kneel, others will stand with posters and or childhood photos.)

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