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Group predicts archbishop will retire next month

Group predicts archbishop will retire next month

SNAP begs him to release 115 accused molesters’ names

Otherwise, victims say, his legacy is “ridiculous” deposition

“At a minimum,” they want “the living predators disclosed

They also name St. Louis’ “Dangerous Dozen” alleged abusers

And they ‘out’ eight more publicly accused priests “under the radar

Abuse victims blast Reno Catholic bishop

Abuse victims blast Reno Catholic bishop

His “accused” list is “inaccurate & inadequate,” group says

SNAP: “Seven more names should be added to the church website

Victims, witnesses & whistle blowers are urged to call law enforcement

Victims urge 'boycott' of diocese

Victims urge 'boycott' of diocese

They're upset over 'continued secrecy'

Group says "Donate elsewhere for now"

Long Island bishop won't reveal abuser names

SNAP also reveals names of more publicly accused clerics

Victims "Out" Twelve More Accused Sacramento Priests

Twelve more accused priests are ‘outed’ here

Some have attracted zero attention in Sac area

Six spent time at prestigious Carmichael school

Most allegedly assaulted children in other places

But each of them is or was in northern California

At least one, however, reportedly hurt two local kids  

“Each day a predator is hidden, kids are at risk,” victim says

SNAP: “Catholic officials should post ALL predators’ names NOW

Fifty new reports filed against abusive priest

Fifty new reports filed against abusive priest

They also ‘out’ three publicly accused clerics

Victims urge others to contact Attorney General

SNAP Urges Cardinal for Action

SNAP urges Cardinal to put pressure on a Chicago-based religious order 

Former member and admitted child molester will not leave Indonesian orphanage

SNAP: Children are at risk each day that the perpetrator remains there

Group also ‘outs’ 44 more publicly accused local predator priests

Bishop wins court order in child sex case

Bishop wins court order in child sex case

He can now seek $7,300 from 22 year old woman

She told police Catholic coach was molesting her

Based on her report & testimony, he ended up in prison

SNAP: But church officials ‘exploit technicalities” & “play hardball

Their goal, group says, is to “scare other victims into staying silent

Victims deplore “this mean-spirited tactic” and write to Pope Francis

Victims blast Stockton bishop

Victims blast Stockton bishop

He leaves 7 publicly accused priests off his list

Group is convinced his omissions are “deliberate

Each cleric was in the diocese & has been ‘outed’ elsewhere

SNAP: “Victims, witnesses & whistleblowers must speak up now

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