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MA - Victims blast Catholic bishop

  • Victims blast Catholic bishop
  • Parents were asked to sign away their legal rights
  • Once exposed, church officials reversed themselves
  • But flock deserves “explanations & assurances,” SNAP says
  • And group blasts Fall River bishop for silence about 2 predators
  • In last 6 months, one was accused and the other was suspended 
  • And in neither case, SNAP says, has diocese done any real outreach

OH - Victims prod church to act about arrested priest

  • Victims prod church to act about arrested priest
  • Group wants “outreach” to others who may have been hurt
  • Cleric arrested recently for trying to meet young boys for sex
  • SNAP wants “victims, witnesses and whistleblowers” to step forward
  • “Church officials should be doing more to help law enforcement,” group says

MA - Convicted priest is back in church

  • Convicted priest is back in church
  • He just finished jail term for assault
  • Victims want him to have no parish roles
  • Group wants him ousted immediately & permanently
  • SNAP: “Forgiving criminal doesn’t mean endangering others”
  • In sharply worded letter, group blasts “bare minimum” approach

IL - Joliet priest is ousted again

  • Joliet priest is ousted again
  • Bishop reverses decision to restore predator to ministry
  • SNAP suspects that other victims of cleric have reported
  • Victims want some “straight answers” & “real outreach”
  • And SNAP wants prelate to step down as head of abuse panel

CA - Family offers reward for clues on priest's death

  • Family offers reward for clues on priest's death
  • Cleric was sexually abused at Los Gatos hospital
  • Then he reported the crimes to a notorious predator
  • Soon after, victim died in mysterious circumstances
  • Jesuits settled wrongful death suit, but family wants answers

RI - Clergy sex abuse case advances

  • Clergy sex abuse case advance
  • RI-based Catholic order is sued
  • Small group has “very high rate” of child sex crimes
  • Ten of its clerics are or have been alleged molesters
  • Two organizations want Attorney General to launch investigations

NH - Two clergy sex abuse cases settle

  • Two clergy sex cases settle
  • Victims urge bishop to do outreach
  • On his 1 year anniversary, SNAP prods NH’s top Catholic official
  • "Go beyond bare minimum," group says, “and visit predators’ parishes”
  • “And put names of pedophile priests on your website,” support group begs
  • SNAP: For kids’ safety & victims’ healing, “it’s the LEAST any Catholic diocese should do”

IL - Victims want Cardinal to oust colleague

  • Victims want Cardinal to oust colleague
  • They demand that Joliet bishop be pushed out 
  • Prelate heads US Catholic child sex abuse panel 
  • But he’s putting a suspended predator priest back on the job
  • The charges against the priest are “credible,” local church officials admit
  • Still, Bishop Conlon restores him to ministry, citing obscure 1917 church policy
  • “Dangerous and hurtful betrayal” makes it crucial for George to act, SNAP says

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