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RI - Clergy sex abuse case advances

  • Clergy sex abuse case advance
  • RI-based Catholic order is sued
  • Small group has “very high rate” of child sex crimes
  • Ten of its clerics are or have been alleged molesters
  • Two organizations want Attorney General to launch investigations

NH - Two clergy sex abuse cases settle

  • Two clergy sex cases settle
  • Victims urge bishop to do outreach
  • On his 1 year anniversary, SNAP prods NH’s top Catholic official
  • "Go beyond bare minimum," group says, “and visit predators’ parishes”
  • “And put names of pedophile priests on your website,” support group begs
  • SNAP: For kids’ safety & victims’ healing, “it’s the LEAST any Catholic diocese should do”

IL - Victims want Cardinal to oust colleague

  • Victims want Cardinal to oust colleague
  • They demand that Joliet bishop be pushed out 
  • Prelate heads US Catholic child sex abuse panel 
  • But he’s putting a suspended predator priest back on the job
  • The charges against the priest are “credible,” local church officials admit
  • Still, Bishop Conlon restores him to ministry, citing obscure 1917 church policy
  • “Dangerous and hurtful betrayal” makes it crucial for George to act, SNAP says

KC - Newly named accused predator is sued

  • Predator priest is sued
  • He’s named for 1st time as an offender
  • Diocese has remained silent about for eleven years
  • Crimes happened at motels, rectory, retreats, & church parking lots
  • Victims group begs bishop to post names of other pedophile priests

IL - Ousted predator priest to be reinstated

  • Ousted predator priest to be reinstated
  • He was removed in 2010 after allegations
  • Local Catholic officials deemed charges “credible”
  • But now Vatican forces them to put priest back, they claim
  • Joliet’s bishop is head of US bishops’ child sex abuse panel
  • Move is “extraordinarily reckless and callous,” SNAP maintains

MO - Victims beg 2 Catholic panels for action

  • Victims beg 2 Catholic panels for action
  • They also want priest away from women’s shelter
  • KC cleric is sued for repeatedly raping a teenaged girl
  • SNAP writes to national & KC church "review boards"
  • Both are “stunningly silent” about bishop’s conviction, group says

NV - Accused priest now runs women’s shelter

  • Accused priest now runs women’s shelter
  • He is being sued for raping a teenaged girl
  • Victims urge bishop to “stop him & warn others”
  • In 2010, cleric was named in a “horrific” abuse & cover up case

MO - Victims seek Vatican rebuke

  • Victims seek Vatican rebuke
  • They want Pope to discipline KC bishop
  • Group also urges head of US prelates to act
  • SNAP blasts Finn for his latest legal maneuver
  • His lawyers claim that accused predator priest isn't “employee”
  • And victims want diocesan abuse training 'outsourced' to independent agency

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