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MO- Parents of suicide victim file unusual suit

It charges that a Catholic priest raped their son

In 2003, cleric was convicted of molesting another boy

Now defrocked, he lives in St. Charles Co. & works at Starbucks

Victim, who wanted to become a priest, took his own life in 2009

NJ- Victims blast Newark archbishop

They want national church panel to act

Group also seeks action by Cardinal Dolan 

NYC prelate is America’s top Catholic official 

SNAP: Myers must be "denounced and disciplined"

“Ignoring wrongdoing encourages wrongdoing,” it feels

"Until enablers are punished, abuse will continue," victims say

IL- Victims want Joliet bishop ousted

Victims want Joliet bishop ousted

He leaves predator priest unsupervised

And that child molesting cleric molests again

SNAP to Cardinal George: “Where are your predators?”

Group urges Catholic officials to put them in treatment centers

Victims also urge Cardinal to help oust his colleague from abuse post

MO - “Damning” police report will be released

  • “Damning” police report will be released
  • It shows priest admits “sexual attraction” to boy
  • Cleric was sued and temporarily suspended in 2009
  • But Vatican has just “cleared him,” his relative says
  • So archbishop may put him back to work, SNAP fears
  • Church hid the fact that a 2nd victim also sued & settled
  • A victim’s friend & relative will speak publicly for first time

NY - Victims' group to be honored today

Facing Legal Harassment by Catholic Church Officials, SNAP, the Survivor Network of Those Abused by Priests, To Be Honored by Several NYC Catholic Lay and Children’s Rights Organizations

IL - Victims’ group warns hospital

  • Victims’ group warns hospital
  • Accused priest now works there
  • SNAP: “He’s been inappropriate with youngsters”
  • Group questions the wisdom of keeping him there



Victims Seek Church Whistleblowers

Victims seek church whistleblowers

Their case against Vatican in world court is still pending

Top church officials are accused of “crimes v. humanity

SNAP: "Current & former Catholic employees MUST speak up"

Pope can’t fix crisis alone, every one in church needs to act,” victims say

IL - Victims ask for meeting with Pope Francis

  • Victims ask for meeting with Pope Francis
  • They want “real dialogue” with him about child sex abuse prevention
  • New Pontiff already paid visit with Cardinal Law, who covered up sex crimes for decades in Boston
  • Group says: “If he can meet with Cardinal Law, how can the new Pope not be willing and ready to meet with us”

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