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New revelations out of Oklahoma about Tucson’s Catholic bishop are extremely disturbing

New revelations out of Oklahoma about Tucson’s Catholic bishop are extremely disturbing

Survivors fear that he may have employed the same tactics on abuse claims here

Victims’ group urges Church and lay investigations to uncover the truth

SNAP says that if anything has been hidden in this diocese it should now be exposed

New Play Aims to Bring Hope and Healing to Survivors

New Play Aims to Bring Hope and Healing to Survivors

Enlightenment Machine No. 1 to debut in NYC this Week

Kat Sullivan’s New Play is “Part Street Performance, Part Protest”

“Join us and allow the legends of survivors to guide the future”

As SBC Continues to Ignore Victims, Survivor Calls for Action

As SBC Continues to Ignore Victims, Survivor Calls for Action

Survivor of Sexual Assault by SBC Pastor to Attend SBC Convention

“It is time for action, not more discussion,” she says

SNAP Presser in Downtown St. Louis Tues 10/1 at 1OPM

AG keeps agreement with bishops secret

He rejects SNAP’s Sunshine Act request

So victims ask AG & bishop for voluntarily release

SNAP: “If you’ve nothing to hide, disclose the deal

Group says Schmitt’s abuse report is “the worst ever

And it reveals 60 pages of never-seen-abuse records

Some are about ‘sex ring’ with three St. Louis seminarians

Victims challenge San Diego bishop on Compensation Program

Victims challenge San Diego bishop

Two of them rebuff church-run plans

“If you care, why the unfair deadline?” they ask

SNAP: “Don’t make survivors sign away legal rights!

It’s a scheme to make sure “cover ups stay covered up,” victims say

Bishops’ program “endangers kids but protects prelates,” SNAP charges

Victims give “F” grade to Memphis bishop

Victims give “F” grade to Mphs bishop

He’s been on the job now for six months

They ‘out’ two  more local abuser clerics

Both worked in Memphis but are ‘under the radar

But the diocese won’t post a ‘credibly accused’ list

Most other bishops in the US have already done so

And group urges Tennessee’s AG to investigate all TN dioceses

Wisconsin - Victims ‘out’ five ‘credibly accused priests

Victims ‘out’ five ‘credibly accused priests

They offer fliers to Wausau Catholic church-goers

SNAP: “Abusive clerics are still being hidden here

Group blasts Wisconsin diocesan officials on abuse

It wants bishop to post ALL alleged offenders' names online

"The real solution," group insists, "is criminal prosecution & legislative reform"

Victims blast Madison bishop

Victims blast Madison bishop

SNAP: “He’s endangering kids

Name some predators are NOW, group insists

“Delays put children in harm’s way,” victims say

They ‘out’ 4 credibly accused clerics in Madison area

Those alleged molesters ‘are still under the radar today

SNAP begs those who “saw, suspected or suffered abuse” to speak up

It specifically urges victims, witnesses & whistleblowers to call law enforcement

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