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Childhood Sexual Abuse (and youth pastor) Drops $750K Lawsuit Against His Victim

Austin man accused former minister of molesting him

Then, ex-pastor sued him for defamation

However, the suit was dropped before the initial court hearing

SNAP tells victims “If you were assaulted, speak out, don’t be intimidated

Group also calls on church officials to help reform abuser friendly laws

Victims to write accused names on sidewalk

Victims ‘out’ five more publicly accused priests

“Bishop’s list is deceptive and incomplete,” they say

In surprising move, they praise prelate for his “more inclusive list

Braxton, unlike most of his peers, exposes those who prey on adults

SNAP: “But alleged abusers’ photos & whereabouts should be added

MO Attorney General Prodded to Release Report on Sexual Abuse in the Church

Church abuse probe passes six month mark
SNAP: MO attorney general is moving too slowly
Group wants a preliminary report like the Illinois one
It also warns that a serial predator priest may be paroled
Self help organization wants archbishop to ‘sound the alarm’


On the six month anniversary of the Missouri Attorney General’s (AG) probe into clergy sex abuse, victims and their supporters will prod the AG to

---give a ‘preliminary report on his work (like the IL AG did),

---push bishops to post accused clerics’ names (like the IL AG did),


Victims applaud WV attorney general

Victims applaud WV attorney general

They prod others with info to ‘step forward’

Group seeks “witnesses & whistleblowers to help AG

SNAP also ‘outs’ 3 accused priests ‘under the radar’ in WV

Accused priest’s trial approaches in Kansas

Accused predator priest’s trial approaches

Ordained in 2011, the accused cleric is young

Two alleged victims are both in early teens now

SNAP: “It’s your civic & moral duty to speak up

Group also ‘outs’ 3 more accused Kansas priests

It seeks “victims, witnesses & whistleblowers now!”  

“Archbishop: Teach your flock how to act,” SNAP says

Victims ‘out’ 8 more accused Steubenville clerics

Victims ‘out’ 8 more accused Steubenville clerics

They are not on diocese’s list of 'credibly accused' or admitted abusers

Group blasts Catholic officials on abuse & cover up

It’s “outraged” diocese has a priest answering victims’ calls

“He should be replaced by a non-Catholic licensed therapist,” SNAP says

"The real solution," group insists, "is prosecution & legislative reform

Victims Blast Bishop - 2:30 PM SNAP Presser in Jefferson City Today

Victims accuse diocese of keeping secrets

Another alleged abuser was "quietly ousted"

Church tells flock, but not public, about priest

SNAP: "Where's your promised 'transparency?'"

Group also 'outs' another mid-MO alleged perpetrator

It also reveals workplaces of two others who are accused

SNAP wants church & university officials to “do real outreach”

"Diocese should also update & expand its accused list," SNAP says

Two more alleged predators were in Columbia

Two more alleged predators were in Columbia

One, ousted last week, was at MU Newman Center

The other, ‘outed’ last month, was at a local parish

A third priest, just publicly accused, worked nearby

SNAP wants University officials to “do real outreach

Group also wants mid-MO bishop to update accused list

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