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Clergy abuse victims presser 1:30 p.m. Thursday 5/16 KC MO

Victims urge boycott of KC MO diocese

SNAP: “Give elsewhere until there’s honesty

Bishop still hiding abusers’ names, group says

"At least reveal the living abusers NOW," it argues

Two more publicly accused KC area clerics are 'outed'

“For the safety of kids, stop stalling” victims beg prelate

Current and former church staff must call law enforcement, SNAP says

AZ Legislator and Activists Speak on Behalf of SOL Reform in the State Capital

For immediate release, May 14, 2019

Changes are needed because survivors of child sex abuse can take decades to come forward 

The statutory amendments proposed would allow more victims an opportunity to have their claims heard in court

Revealing these 'hidden predators' and their enablers helps to protect boys and girls today

Senator who sponsored the bill has delayed state budget approval until his measure is heard

SNAP: “Help us get alleged abuser out of classroom”

Victims appeal to Bridgeport bishop
“He’s left 15 priests off his accused list,” they say, “including 11 who taught at Fairfield Prep."
SNAP: “Help us get alleged abuser out of classroom”
Despite settlement paid, ex-CT cleric now teaches school in NJ. CT’s 5-yr Statute of Limitations prevented criminal charges.
Group says Catholic officials must “beat the bushes” to find more victims

Group predicts archbishop will retire next month

Group predicts archbishop will retire next month

SNAP begs him to release 115 accused molesters’ names

Otherwise, victims say, his legacy is “ridiculous” deposition

“At a minimum,” they want “the living predators disclosed

They also name St. Louis’ “Dangerous Dozen” alleged abusers

And they ‘out’ eight more publicly accused priests “under the radar

Victims challenge new Fresno bishop on Harrison case

Victims challenge new Fresno bishop

They want him to denounce a lawyer & a priest

SNAP: “He should also tell flock how to act when accusations arise

Groups urges him to pass out their flier in all parishes

Survivors also disclose 9 publicly accused but ‘under the radar’ clerics

Abuse victims blast Reno Catholic bishop

Abuse victims blast Reno Catholic bishop

His “accused” list is “inaccurate & inadequate,” group says

SNAP: “Seven more names should be added to the church website

Victims, witnesses & whistle blowers are urged to call law enforcement

Victims urge 'boycott' of diocese

Victims urge 'boycott' of diocese

They're upset over 'continued secrecy'

Group says "Donate elsewhere for now"

Long Island bishop won't reveal abuser names

SNAP also reveals names of more publicly accused clerics

Victims "Out" Twelve More Accused Sacramento Priests

Twelve more accused priests are ‘outed’ here

Some have attracted zero attention in Sac area

Six spent time at prestigious Carmichael school

Most allegedly assaulted children in other places

But each of them is or was in northern California

At least one, however, reportedly hurt two local kids  

“Each day a predator is hidden, kids are at risk,” victim says

SNAP: “Catholic officials should post ALL predators’ names NOW

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