MALTA - Victims blast Scicluna for "deceptive" Mahony remarks

Shame on Bishop Charles Scicluna. He is either deceptive or woefully ignorant about Cardinal Roger Mahony's deliberate, decades-long work to conceal child sex crimes.

It's just wrong for Scicluna to claim that Mahony “did what he could” but “made mistakes.” This implies that he attempted to do the right thing and failed. Yet what has been revealed from the recently released LA documents shows that Mahony repeatedly and purposefully acted in the best interests of predators, not kids.

Any reasonable person reading even a few of the thousands of pages of long-secret LA church abuse records would conclude that Mahony wasn't "ignorant" or "ill-informed."

Kids are safer when adults judge wrongdoers by real life standards, not by preposterous standards. It's preposterous to claim that Scicluna is some kind of serious "reformer" just because most Catholic officials have even more horrific track records on abuse.

These comments illustrate that Scicluna is out of touch with reality but perfectly in line with the stance taken by other Vatican officials on child sex abuse. They claim to not have understood the problem and not known how to deal with it, despite their best efforts. This is ludicrous.

If an adult is suspected of abusing a kid, the police should be called immediately. This isn’t rocket science, or some incredibly complex problem that needs a think tank to work out a solution. Allegedly not “knowing how to respond” to child sex crimes is a pathetic and deceitful dodge. Sadly, Vatican officials like Scicluna will continue to hang their heads in mock shame and hide behind this excuse, and officials like Mahony will continue to ignore, minimize, hide and enable heinous crimes against children.

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  • David Lorenz
    commented 2013-02-20 11:44:24 -0600
    A mistake is forgetting to carry the one in a math problem. What Mahony did was immoral by any standard and criminal by most standards today. Scicluna knows this

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