MA - SNAP urges Archdiocese to work with police

We are glad that Fr. James Gaudreau has been removed from ministry following this allegation of sexual abuse. However, the Archdiocese of Boston can and should do a lot more in this case.

According to diocesan spokesperson Kellyanne Dignan, the abuse in question is alleged to have taken place in 2006. The fact that it has happened so recently means it is likely that there could be criminal charges in this matter. If the Archdiocese of Boston wants to prove to its flock that it truly cares about protecting kids and preventing further abuse, church officials should work diligently to help the Boston police uncover the facts of this matter.

Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley should use all of the resources available to him to reach out to others who may have information on Fr. Gaudreau’s alleged crimes. He should also visit each parish where Gaudreau worked and actively seek out victims or witnesses at each location.

We hope that the Archdiocese will do more than the bare minimum in this case and will do their part to protect kids.


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  • David Clohessy
    followed this page 2012-09-24 22:25:41 -0500
  • Gloria Sullivan
    commented 2012-09-24 11:36:11 -0500
    The rcc has not even done the “bare minimum” to protect the innocent of our population. It’s not just the kids, as you put it ,It is the disadvantaged or orphaned boys and girls in homes run by the rcc, the deaf and blind, in a German home run by the Pope’s brother..the atrocities going on for more than 75 yrs in Ireland, all over the catholic world.

    You will find these Crimes Against Humanity in every caholic church.. with priests being moved to another parish or home or institution, when they have been found out. No one tells the people who are getting these predator, pedphiles, so they are like sheep being "not ready " for the slaughter of their innocents.Had they known they could remove the innocent from the hands of the predators. This menace of sexual abuse by people in authority on our innocents, (being ignored for millenium(s)) has got to be taken to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands. And found GUILTY OF SPIRITUAL ,MENTAL AND PHYSICAL MURDER OF OUR INNOCENTS, THROUGHOUT THE catholic world..

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