Listen to the livestream from Geneva!

For the second time this year Vatican officials are being investigated by another committee at the United Nations. Two events will be carried live on the internet tomorrow, Tuesday May 6th. One includes SNAP leaders from different countries and our attorneys from the Center for Constitutional Rights. The other is actual proceedings from the UN headquarters in Geneva.

SNAP and The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) are attending the proceedings and will report back to survivors, advocates, and supporters via livestream. Tune in to our report-back on Tuesday, May 6, at 8:30 pm CET (2:30 pm EST).

You can follow the global conversation about this historic hearing on Twitter using the hashtag #VaticanAccountability and ask questions before or during the report-back by tweeting to the hashtag or emailing your questions to [email protected]. We will answer as many as possible during the livestream.

The hearings will be streamed live here. From 3 pm-6 pm CET (9 am-12 pm EST) on Tuesday, May 6th, the Vatican will respond to the Committee’s questions. The broadcasts will be in English.

For more information on our efforts to hold the Vatican accountable see the CCR webpage and factsheet, as well our submitted reports to the Committee, detailing how the Vatican has violated the core principles of the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment, which it ratified in 2002.

Please know that we are carrying your courage, compassion and support! Lots of the information we have conveyed came from your stories and efforts to expose the truth. We only hope we are doing you proud! If you want to convey any information, concerns or questions please let us know asap!


Barbara Blaine

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  • Lani Halter
    commented 2014-05-06 17:27:44 -0500
    It is a little after 3pm, here in California on May 6, 2014. I feel fortunate that after about half an hour this a.m., I was able to bring up the livestream on my computer and got to see the last two and half hours of the second day of reporting by the vatican, via father tomasi to the UN Committee on Torture. That being said, I was discourged to see and hear the same level of evasion and deception that I have have heard and seen expressed by catholic heirarchy, this whole year thus far. For example when a committee member asked if an accused priest is monitored by the church, while a case against him is going through the courts, F. Tomasi didn’t really reply definitively yes or no; rather, he said that a priest was suspended as soon as a credible allegation was brought against him. The was the church being evasive, again. Being suspended is not the same thing as being monitored.
    I think the most shocking phenomenon was to hear the priest silvano tomasi state that he thinks “other institutions should copy the (catholic) church’s example of ‘best practices’ on this matter”. And, when he said that, I immediately thought to myself: Is he insane?!
    How dare he suggest that other institutions do as the catholic church has done regarding this ongoing, global scourge and scandal of sexual abuse torture perpetrated on innocent children and vulnerable adults by CATHOLIC priests, laity, curia and employees!!! In my opinion, he, and the other catholic heirarchy (including the pope), are delusional.
  • Lani Halter
    commented 2014-05-05 21:31:23 -0500
    I would also like to let you know that I was discouraged to see that apparently nothing was reported on the national network TV news broadcasts this evening, here in the United States, about this UN Committee on Torture hearing going on today and tomorrow, regarding these specific crimes of torture. I really hope that you (SNAP) and the CCR, will be able to get this covered tomorrow on the national news, here. After all, this too, is an HISTORIC event. I do not think that, most people, know this is going on, and I really would like it if they did! I believe they should be given the opportunity to know how hard fought and difficult this battle against the entrenched catholic pedophiles in the clergy, laity and catholic employees…all of whom are in the “Universal, Global Catholic Church”, really is.
    I am very grateful to the CCR and SNAP that had the opportunity and did, read (with great sadness) the Supplemental Report that CCR submitted on behalf of SNAP to the UN Committee on Torture in April. I already knew that the “reach” of this horrible scourge was worldwide, but reading of specific incidences really enforces the horror I feel whenever I hear a catholic priest or pope be solicitous about this issue, rather than forcefully and credibly standing up, and publicly committing to STOPPING these crimes and the cover-up of them, from continuing to happen.
    I truly hope that the committee members and all who attend this HISTORIC MEETING OF THE UN COMMITTEE ON TORTURE, WITH THE CATHOLIC REPRESENTATIVE (ARCHBISHOP SILVANO TOMAS) FOR THE POPE AND THE GLOBAL CATHOLIC CHURCH, have read the Supplemental Report and that the catholic church will be called to account, apologize and, most importantly, to pledge the immediate STOPPAGE of such heinous crimes and their cover up, around the world!
  • Lani Halter
    commented 2014-05-05 20:31:46 -0500
    Yes, Mrs. Blaine, in my opinion you and the other directors of SNAP and the members of CCR are doing us all proud! (to use your words) I certainly can’t recall any other people or organizations who have worked as hard; and have been and are “staying the course” with the goal of putting an end to this travesty. Honestly, I doubt I could much improve on anything you’ve all done thus far!
    I think, if I actually ever saw or met, either of Fr. Federico Lombardi, or Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, I would very much want to ask them why they (none of them, in fact, the new pope included) ever seem to have read or referred to the words of Christ in the Bible, in Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42 and Luke 17:2? I wonder, do they all really believe that these sins of torture against children and vulnerable adults, are not grievous? Do they really think that these perpetrators and enablers should all just be forgiven? Do they not know, that certain heinous crimes are unforgiveable? As in: Hitler deserved to be put to death, and most likely would have been had he not committed suicide.
    These crimes of torture that many catholic priests have committed, are not forgiveable. Nor is the calculated suppression of facts, and enabling of pedophile priests to continue torturing innocents, by the catholic clergy, catholic hierarchy, catholic laity, catholic curia, catholic employees and catholic pope. Being catholiics, so-called religious men and women, all; I really would like to hear these two priests’ response to my question of why they do not practice and teach the words of Christ, found in those specifically referenced Bible books, chapters and verses. Even if all the powers that we can bring to bear, are not able to make an end to these horrible, horrible criminal actions, all, this year, I would at least like them to know that they are NOT FORGIVEN and that we will carry on the battle until the rest of the world truly knows all about this, and make them aware that we all know how heinous these particular criminals, are.

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