Letter to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey

May 13, 2024

Dear Attorney General Bailey:

We are survivors of awful physical, emotional, educational, educational and sexual abuse and cover up at several Christian boarding ‘schools’ in Missouri.

To protect others, expose evil and help our ourselves find healing and closure, more than a dozen of us filed civil abuse and cover up lawsuits against the adults at the Ranch who committed or concealed heinous acts against us as youngsters.

Over the last few months, several of us have settled our lawsuits against the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch in Humansville where we were so deeply hurt. We are gratified that our courage has helped shine a light on the horrific crimes and misdeeds that were allowed to go on there for years.

But real healing and closure elude us for several reasons.

First, we've since learned that there are dozens of so-called ‘Christian boarding schools’ (that seem very similar to Circle of Hope) operating 'under the radar' across Missouri. They have little or no real outside oversight or scrutiny. We fear that kids - likely dozens of them - are being mistreated, manipulated and assaulted at some of them right now.

It's hard to heal when you know or strongly suspect that other girls and boys are being abused, are at risk of abuse, or have been abused – horribly - much like we were at Circle of Hope for years.

Second, we've since watched Missouri officials do little or nothing to bring protection or comfort to those who were abused, are being abused or are at risk of being abused at these controversial, largely unregulated facilities.

Again, it's hard to heal when you see others being ignored or stonewalled by 'public officials' who claim to care about kids but won't use their powers to actually help kids.

One month ago, five of our colleagues - along with two other child sexual abuse survivors - begged you for your help.



They wrote: "You can no longer ignore the growing crisis involving kids in the essentially unregulated, mostly for-profit, purportedly religious boarding ‘schools’ where dozens of vulnerable kids have been – and likely still are being – abused."

We agree wholeheartedly with our brothers and sisters. We are also surprised and upset that you have not responded to their plea.

Our instinct is to be charitable, and to believe that if only you heard, first-hand, of how we suffered at the hands of the perverted and sadistic staff at these institutions, you would take strong and immediate action to protect other kids.

So we are urging you to hold a Zoom meeting with us some evening soon and give us the chance to explain to you how vulnerable, powerless and hopeless girls and boys in these institutions are and how desperately they need your help.

We are anxious to hear from you.

Amanda Householder, California

Aralysa Baker, Bixby OK [email protected]

Chelsie Fowkes, Knoxville TN

Maggie Drew, Tulsa OK

Julianna Davis, Albertville AL

Colton Schrag, Midland TX

(all former students at religious boarding/reform schools in Missouri)

David G. Clohessy, Prevent Abuse LLC, 7234 Arsenal St., St. Louis MO 63143

314 566 9790 (cell) [email protected]


D. Paul Lay, Florissant MO, 314 646 9316


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