Have You Been Sexually Abused
by Clergy or Religious?

There is support and help for you!

We are a confidential, self-help group of men and women who have been victimized by priests, nuns, brothers, bishops and ministers. We are working to recover from this trauma. We provide a safe and sympathetic place for other victims to heal.

We also work for change so that children can be free of the suffering caused by sexual abuse.

We want to be healed of our pain and to protect kids from abuse.

Please know that you are not alone. The abuse was not your fault. And please know that suffering in secrecy and silence and shame will not help you.

Please reach out and get some help!
We stand ready to support you.

Speaking your truth will help you to heal and will help other victims and today's children.

Please contact us.


Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
(312) 409-2720




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