Your leaders are supporting a convicted child molester.

Make sure your dollars don't.

Who are we?
We are victims of childhood sexual abuse by clergy

Why are we here?
We want to protect kids. For years, Episcopal officials have let a defrocked, admitted, and convicted minister and child molester lead retreats in Minnesota.

He did so as recently as this Friday.

This, we believe, needlessly put children at risk of being molested.

Who is this molester?
He's Lynn C. Bauman  In 1999, Bauman admitted molesting an eight year old boy in Texas on a retreat. He was sentenced to ten years' probation and is a registered sex offender. The Dallas Morning News said Bauman was accused of sexually abusing at least two other boys (8/11/99 & 1/7/99). In a letter Bauman said “ ... the 8-year-old was the instigator.”

Where has he been?
Church officials admit that ‘for years,’ he’s led retreats in Collegeville at the Episcopal  House of Prayer – even though when Episcopal Bishop James M. Stanton defrocked Bauman, he stated Bauman "may not engage in any form of ministry...”

Who lets him do this?
Your church officials and the Directors of the House of Prayer.

Good question. Perhaps, in part, it’s because Bauman’s brother heads the House of Prayer.

Are kids around on these retreats?
Church officials claim not. But the House of Prayer is on the grounds of St. John’s Abbey, a Catholic facility where many kids attended often. And remember, it only takes seconds for a molester to put his hands in a child’s pants.

How can I help?
-- Donate directly to agencies that protect kids, not predators. Don't give to Episcopalian organizations or churches until church officials lead social efforts to prevent sexual abuse.
-- Call The Right Rev. James Louis Jelinek, VIII Bishop of Minnesota 612-871-5311
-- Call the Episcopal House of Prayer 320-363-3293  Tell them you're upset that this is allowed.
-- Call our hot line:  1-877-762-7432 or 952-471-3422
-- Check out our website:
-- Ask other church members “Have you gone on Bauman’s retreats?” “Did you see anything inappropriate?” Urge victims and witnesses to contact police, not church officials.
-- Talk with your children about abuse, safe touch, and what to do if someone tries to do anything inappropriate.

REMEMBER: This isn't about forgiveness.

We all can and should forgive molesters. That's the right and healthy thing to do.

We CAN'T and SHOULDN'T give molesters more access to kids. That's the wrong and reckless thing to do.  PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.