Help Us Protect Kids And Reach The Wounded

We're terribly sorry. . . .
if anything we do makes anyone feel uncomfortable your special event today. But we cannot, in good conscience, sit idly by while the CEO of the Los Angeles archdiocese continues to engage in recklessness, secrecy, and deception. We're especially troubled by the very recent case of John Malburg, who was able to keep committing child sex crimes clearly because of Mahony's on-going obsession with secrecy about child molestation.

Mahony's Recklessness
For at least five months, Mahony and his staff kept did nothing during and kept silent about a criminal child sex abuse probe into John Joseph Malburg, a politically-connected archdiocesan school official. Malburg, who was charged this week with sexually assaulting several boys, was fired in July.

Mahony's Secrecy
On Thursday, Mahony and other church officials admitted they kept everything about the case secret.

After Malburg was fired, he continued "surreptitiously videotaping (a boy in the shower)" until September, according to the LA Times and law enforcement spokesmen.

Malburg was therefore able to keep committing recent child sex crimes because of Mahony's silence.

Mahony's Deception
Mahony's PR man claims prosecutors asked church staff to keep quiet about the investigation into Malburg. Yesterday, prosecutors denied that allegation. (Ask youself: who's more believable?)

All of this is clear proof that archdiocesan employees continue to value secrecy over safety.

How can you help?
--- Ask Mahony and Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala to explain their recklessness and secrecy today.
--- Tell Mahony that he owes it to his flock to apologize to the family of the boy who kept being victimized due to Mahony's secrecy, and hold an open meeting at the parish/school to answer questions about his disturbing silence in this case.
--- Help us find and help the wounded. At least three alleged child molesting clergy have worked at St. Philip the Apostle - Msgr. Joseph F. Alzugaray, Fr. Thomas E. Havel, and Fr. Henry Xavier Vetter. Please ask anyone with information about sex crimes by these priests to come forward, get help, and call police.

Who are we?
We are victims of horrific child sexual abuse by clergy. We belong to a confidential support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( Call us if you have questions or helpful information.

Joelle Casteix of Newport Beach, 949 322 7434,
Steven Sanchez of Glendale, 818 262 6540,
Mary Grant of Long Beach, director 626 419 2930,

(NOTE: We understand you probably don't like our tactics. But please, for the safety of children, don't let that blind you to our message. At least one innocent boy was victimized just weeks ago because of Mahony's obsession with secrecy and self-preservation. Please take action now to protect other kids.)