We're sorry to intrude on your Sunday morning, but. . . .

Kids deserve to be safe, and

You deserve to know the truth

For nine years, your archbishop kept silent about child sex abuse allegations against a Catholic priest who worked for years at two schools in the archdiocese.

Archbishop Flynn STILL has not said a word about these accusations, which have been deemed "credible" by other Catholic officials.

We only know about this dangerous predator because lay Catholics have forced St. John's Abbey officials to admit what he's done.


We are men and women who have been sexually abused by trusted clergy. We belong to a support group, SNAP, which is devoted to healing the wounded and protecting the vulnerable.


1) To prevent other kids from enduring the life-altering harm that we've experienced, by

--exposing the insensitive and dangerous secrecy happening right now in the church hierarchy, and

-- urging anyone who may have witnessed or suspected sex crimes or misconduct by the Rev. Michael Bik (who still walks free today in rural Minnesota) to call police so that he might be prosecuted and kids might be protected.

2) To find and help anyone who has been hurt by Bik, so that they won’t suffer alone, mired in shame and self-blame.


-- Ask your loved ones if they know anyone who witnessed, suspected or experienced sexual abuse by Bik or other clerics.

-- Urge them to call the police with any information and/or get professional therapy

-- Contact Archbishop Flynn. Ask him why he continues to keep the names of predators secret. Tell him he owes it to his flock to disclose any OTHER credibly accused priests, so that kid can be safe.

THANK YOU for helping us protect innocent kids and vulnerable adults.

Bob Schwiderski 952 471 3422 home

David Clohessy 314 566 9790 cell (SNAPclohessy@aol.com)

SNAPnetwork.org, 1-888 SNAPheals