Help Us Reach The Wounded And Protect Kids

Convicted pedophile priest, Fr. Edward Anthony Rodrigue,
Also known as "Fr. Tony"
Worked at this parish and was released from prison this week and is now
living in San Bernardino County


Who are we? We are clergy sex abuse victims and family members trying to recover from our trauma and protect kids and vulnerable people in the church. And we are concerned Catholics who want to reach out to victims and also safeguard those at risk.

Why are we here? Edward Anthony Rodrigue, also known as "Fr. Tony" was ordained in 1962, registered as a sex offender in 1980 and was then assigned to your parish, St. Joseph the Worker. He was removed from the priesthood in 1992. He admitted in a lie detector test that he sexually abused 4-5 young boys a year while he was a priest. Rodrigue was finally sentenced to prison for one offense, despite admitting that he abused over a hundred children. He served 8 ½ years of his 10 year sentence.

Rodrique has been released from prison this week and is residing in San Bernardino County where he lived, worked and abused children. His assignment history is on the back of this leaflet.

What do we want? At every opportunity, we want the bishops to "explicitly warn parishioners about Rodrigue's history, his release from prison and the likelihood he may contact former parishioners and/or re-offend," while also "prodding victims and witnesses to contact law enforcement."

What should you do? If you or someone you know is a victim of clergy abuse, please know that you are not alone and that help is available. Contact the San Bernardino Police Department @ (909) 384-5742 and SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (A confidential self-help support group of men and women who have been victimized by clergy) (909) 576-8117 or (626) 419-2930. Website:

How can you help protect kids?

2) Ask your family members if they were victimized. Many times, abuse victims will continue to "keep the secret" unless specifically invited to disclose their victimization by someone they love and trust. Even raising this topic can be very uncomfortable. But it must be done. It may be very awkward and your family members may even act resentful at first. But soon they will remember that you really care about them, and will see your question as a sign of that care. Talk to your children about "safe touch" TODAY.

3) Mention Fr. Tony's history to former parishioners and parish staff now living elsewhere. This is especially important because sometimes abuse victims or their families move away after experiencing abuse. Victims should be notified that they aren't isolated cases. Witnesses, wherever they now reside, should be assured that their information could help law enforcement protect kids.

Because molesters may return to the same families and places where they've built up trust, we're worried about the safety of kids --both San Bernardino and San Diego counties where Rodrigue lived, worked and abused children. Former parishioners , unaware of Rodrigue's history, may be more than happy to welcome their former parish priest back into their lives--thus unwittingly putting children at risk today.

4) Contact the police or prosecutor, if you have any information or suspicions whatsoever. It's your duty as a citizen to call the proper civil authorities if you have any information (even if it's "second hand" or vague) that might help law enforcement. It's your duty as a Christian to help seek justice and protect others from harm. Exposing sexual crimes is also ultimately healing. And remember it is police who are almost always unbiased professionals with the skills and experience to investigate crimes, NOT church officials.

Please call Bishop Gerald Barnes @ 909 475-1234 and
Bishop Robert Brom @ 858-490-8200 and urge them to:

1) Personally go to every parish in the areas were Anthony Edward Rodrigue worked or lived and urge victims and witnesses to contact criminal authorities.

2) Post Rodrigue's picture and history on diocesan websites, in all parish bulletins and diocesan newspapers.

3) Publicize SNAP's independent confidential self-help support group information.

4) Support Senate Bill SB 261 that will eliminate the criminal statute of limitations in the state of California that would put an end to the archaic time technicality that has allowed Rodrigue and many other molesters to escape prosecution, despite overwhelming evidence and/or their own admissions to the crimes.

Parish Assignment History of Edward Anthony Rodrigue
(Also known as "Fr. Tony")

1962 Ordained

1963-64 La Jolla - Mary Star of the Sea

1965-66 Lakeside - Our Lady of Perpetual Help

1967 Encinitas - St. Johns

1968-71 Calexico - Our Lady of Guadalupe

1972 Barstow - St. Joseph

1973 Residing at St. Joseph with additional assignment to Barstow College Newman Center under the authority of Phillip Straling, Diocesan Director

1974 Eagle Mountain/Desert Hot Springs - St. Augustine
1975 Poway - St. Michael's

1976 El Centro - Our Lady of Guadalupe

1976 Coachella - Our Lady of Soledad (June-Sept)

976 Sent to the House of Affirmation in Massachussetts. In early 1977 he was sent to Oakland, California for "graduate studies."

1977-79 Ontario - St. George

1979 Rodrigue pleaded no contest to the sexual assault of an Ontario boy and was placed on 3 years probation. In 1980 he was sent to Cavena Tratment facility in Azusa for psychiatric treatment.

1982 Loma Linda - St. Joseph the Worker

1983-85 "Outside Institution" 39100 Orchard, Cherry Valley, CA 92405
1986 No listing in the Official Catholic Directory

1987-88 "Retired" and living at 32350 Acacia #2, San Bernardino, CA 92405
1992 Laicized from the priesthood

1997 Arrested for the sexual assault of an 11 year old boy at an apartment complex where he worked as a janitor. In 1998 Rodrigue pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and was sentenced to ten years in State Prison.

Jan. 2006 released from prison.