SNAP Supports LDS Church Leaders who were Sued for Reporting Abuse

A bizarre lawsuit has been filed against church officials from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but in this case it is the church officials who did the right thing. We hope this lawsuit fails.

The plaintiff in this case is suing the LDS church because they reported her husband to police after he confessed his sexual abuse of a child to them. Yet reporting an abuser to police is exactly what church officials should be doing when they hear disclosures like this. We applaud these leaders and hope this lawsuit against them is tossed out swiftly.

We sympathize with the plaintiff, the wife of the abuser. But the simple fact remains that the person who should be held responsible is the person who committed the abuse. In this case, church officials chose to protect children instead of protecting abusers, and that decision was the correct one. We hope that church leaders in other denominations emulate these Mormon officials and will also choose to swiftly report allegations to police instead of keeping them internal in secret church files.

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