Judy Block Jones

Judy-Block-Jones.jpgJudy grew up in Woodsfield, OH, the oldest of 11 kids, born into a very strict catholic family. She moved away from Woodsfield when she was 18 years old. Judy then lived in Madison, WI where she got married. She has lived in Lima, OH, Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ and now lives in Marthasville, MO where she owns Heaven on Earth Bed & Breakfast.

In 1986 Judy learned from one of her sisters that one of her brothers had been sexually abused by the long time parish priest in Woodsfield. As the de facto mother for her siblings this disturbed her greatly, especially since her parents did not believe her brother when he disclosed his abuse.

In 2003 Judy found SNAP. She wished to do something to help victims to counter-balance her parents’ failure to accept that their own son and several relatives that had been sexually abused by this Woodsfield priest.
Judy always felt that she would have been a perfect victim. As a young girl she was unhealthily shy and afraid. She understands how a young person can be overcome by the abuse of power by clergy.
Judy credits her 3 wonderful children for helping her to grow up, gain confidence, and get out of an unhealthy 35 year marriage. She now leads a happy life with her new husband, Steven.
SNAP has become Judy’s passion. A few years ago she finally accepted something about herself; she was put on this earth to stir up trouble for those people who destroy kids’ lives and abuse their power.

Judy is dedicated to never stopping this work until she takes her last breath.

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