Judge Rules in Favor of Transparency in New Orleans Saints Case

In a win for transparency and the survivor community, a New Orleans judge has granted a motion filed by the Associated Press related to emails exchanged between the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints. We applaud this ruling and look forward to the greater transparency that can result from it.

A court-appointed special master will now decide which of the hundreds of emails traded between Catholic officials in New Orleans and attorneys and PR professionals from the Saints fall under the umbrella of the granted motion. The Saints reportedly helped the Archdiocese of New Orleans shape its list of accused clerics, as well as its public announcement strategy. We agree with the AP that these emails are of significant public interest, as they can help shed more light on the process used by church leadership when deciding which priests to release information about and which priests to keep hidden. We hope the special master will release as many of these documents as possible.

The fact remains that there was never any reason for staff from an NFL organization to get involved in evaluating cases of clergy sexual abuse. If the advice from Saints staff was as innocent as they contend, then we think there should be no reason why the emails should remain hidden. We look forward to greater transparency in this case and for the opportunity for the full truth to be revealed.

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