Jesuits Add Four Names to List of Accused Priests

More than a year after releasing their list of priests accused of sexual abuse, the Jesuit Central and Southern Region has added four more names to their list. We call on Jesuit officials to use all resources at their disposal to share this updated information with every parish community where each of these four men worked and encourage victims and witnesses to come forward and make a report to police.

The men added to the list are:

  • Everard J. Booth, SJ – worked in Louisiana and Sri Lanka
  • José Angel Borges, SJ – worked in Texas and Puerto Rico
  • James D. Loeffler, SJ – worked in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, and Louisiana
  • Benjamin Smylie, SJ – No assignments listed

It is notable that each of the accused spent time in multiple locations meaning that there could be victims of these men around the world. It is imperative that Jesuit officials take steps to inform parents and parishioners at every single church, office, or school where these men worked. Similarly, it is possible that there are still victims of these men suffering in silence and thinking they are alone. Jesuit officials must use parish bulletins, announcements, and the assistance of diocesan administrators to share this important information with their communities. Any less is to do a disservice to their victims.

This update is an important reminder of the need for secular investigations into religious orders like the Jesuits. Similar investigations into dioceses around the country have uncovered hidden names, brought more victims out of silence, and helped get dangerous abusers off the street. We believe that the same would be true for religious orders like Jesuits. We hope that attorneys general in every state where these accused worked and lived will look closely at this update and use the power of their offices to get to the bottom of this abuse crisis.

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