IRE - SNAP pushes for more than apologies for Magdalene victims

At the risk of seeming contrary, we hope church and government officials do NOT apologize to the hundreds of women who were abused at the Magdalene Laundry.

Apologies are cheap and easy. They may provide short term emotional comfort. They do not, however, provide the very real and sorely needed counseling and medical and financial help these deeply wounded women need and deserve.

If officials in Ireland are serious about making amends to these women who were horrifically abused and exploited, then mere words shouldn’t be considered sufficient. Real action must be taken, such as setting up adequate funds for those who were hurt so that they can pay for therapy and health care.

Efforts should be made to reach out to every woman that was forced to live at these laundries and make them aware of victim’s advocates groups where they can get help. They also should point them in the direction of support groups where they can connect with other survivors and help each other heal.

We look forward to this report and hope that its release will help ease the pain of the victims of the Magdalene laundries. We just hope that officials do not merely apologize and instead actually take tangible steps to help these victims heal.


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