INT- 5 Steps Pope Benedict should take in the next 2 weeks

By stepping down, Pope Benedict has proven he’s capable of bold action. For the safety of children, in the weeks ahead, we hope he’ll show similar decisiveness and

---discipline at least a handful of current prelates who are concealing or who have concealed child sex crimes,

--insist that every bishop post names of the credibly accused predator priests on his website (as 30 US bishops have done:,

--order bishops to actively work with lawmakers to pass stronger child safety measures and reform archaic laws that shield officials who commit and conceal child sex crimes,

--turn over all church abuse and cover up records held by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to local law enforcement and

--halt the canonization of Pope John Paul, so all church employees will see that ignoring or hiding child sex crimes will lead to consequences. The time for promises and policies is over. It is time for decisive action.

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