Indiana Senate Weakens SOL Reform with New Amendment

We are grateful any time that legislators look to take critical reforms to the statute of limitations in their state. At the same time, it is disappointing to see well-written and well-meaning bills, aimed at protecting children and securing justice for survivors, hobbled by amendments that slow the pace of reform and promote the status quo.

Indiana Senate Bill 109 is a good bill and we are grateful to Sen. Michael Crider for proposing it and taking aim at his state’s archaic statute of limitations laws. But the amendment to SB 109 proposed by Sen. Mike Young severely undercuts the goal of the law and keeps Indiana’s statute of limitations in place until specific exceptions are met. This is a disappointing amendment that does little to protect Indiana children and much to prevent Indiana survivors from seeking justice.

The fact is that most sex crimes happen without leaving behind witnesses, recordings, or physical evidence. Sen. Young’s amendment is a bad one that reduces the bill’s efficacy. We hope that this bad addition to the bill will be mitigated when SB 109 is taken up by the Indiana House of Representatives and that survivors in Indiana get a chance at real reform.

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