Indiana Priest Charged with Abusing a Child in 2016

A priest from Indiana has been charged related to allegations that he abused a child in 2016. We applaud the Indianapolis District Attorney for charging Reverend David Marcotte with three felonies related to the sexual abuse of children and hope that this news encourages others with information to come forward and make a report to police.

Rev. Marcotte is 32 years old and represents part of the "new guard" of the Catholic Church, yet by all indications, he has been grooming and abusing children since his 2014 ordination. These crimes make it clear that sexual abuse of minors is still a danger in the Catholic church, despite arguments from church officials that this issue is related to priests and misconduct from the 1960s and 70s.
We hope that when this case is resolved that Marcotte will spend time behind bars and that afterwards the church will work to use its influence to monitor him for the rest of his life. We also call on Archbishop Charles Thompson of Indianapolis to seek out victims of this priest using all means at this disposal.
It is exceedingly rare for a child to report a crime when it is occurring, so we applaud this brave victim and that family. According to CHILD USA, only one in nine minors will report sexual abuse crimes within a year of that occurrence. Statistically, this means that there are eight other men like Marcotte out there who are abusing children, perhaps in Indianapolis.
Indeed, over the past two years, fifty priests have been arrested or, while being investigated, have fled the United States. Others still have been extradited from other countries to face their crimes here. Those fifty represent a one in nine "tip of the iceberg". Each of those men worked for a bishop. Each of those bishops owes it to his flock and to his community to publicize those names and seek out additional victims. 
The scourge of Catholic priest sex abuse is not in the past. As demonstrated by the flight of Fr. Alexender Castillo from the Oakland diocese in April of 2019, or the revelation just last week that a priest from the Sacramento, CA diocese was restricted, when in fact he had been moved across the border to Mexico and is still a practicing priest. Both of those men are obviously a danger to children, and just as obvious, their US based bishops are enabling their continued access to children.
Finally, we believe it is time for the Attorney General of Indianapolis to open up an investigation into cases of clergy abuse, using his subpoena powers and the ability to compel testimony under oath, in to find any other priests who have abused children and get those dangerous men away from communities where they can hurt other children.
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