IN - Pastor alleged to have abused handicapped child, SNAP responds

An Indiana pastor has been arrested for abusing a handicapped 14-year-old girl.

The allegations against Robert Haywood are incredibly disturbing, and our hearts grieve for this alleged victim and her family. Crimes against the mentally handicapped are troubling and must be treated with extra care.

This trial is sure to be a long and grueling process, both for Haywood and his alleged victim. While these proceedings are ongoing, we urge members of Haywood’s congregation, as well has his neighbors and his family, to avoid public demonstrations of support. It is completely understandable to want to show support for your pastor and friend, but such public displays only serve to frighten victims and witnesses into silence.

We urge Haywood’s supporters to bring him home-cooked meals, visit him in his home and pray together in private, but to avoid shaming the victim in public. We urge anyone who may have any details about this case to come forward and make a report to police.


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