IL--Statements on Illinois adult abuse case

For immediate release, October 11, 2016

Statement by Laura Merleau-McGrady, suing Fr. Osang Idagbo

Once I began learning more of the stories of others who had similar experiences to mine, I realized that my spiritual and emotional suffering were not unique and I needed to do something to help others avoid falling into the same trap into which I fell.  So I am filing this lawsuit to add to the growing number of voices trying to bring to light the corrupt system in the Catholic Church that encourages, allows, and does nothing to stop priests from becoming predators.  

I implore anyone with information about Father Idagbo’s misconduct with women to come forward and report what they know.  To anyone else that Father Idagbo may have hurt, I want you to know that you will not be alone if you come forward.  This lawsuit is not about money for me.  It is about justice for what has been done to me and so many other women by predator priests. 

Statement by David Clohessy of SNAP

Many overlook or minimize the horrific manipulation and abuse of vulnerable parishioners by powerful predatory priests. But it’s widespread and devastating. For the safety of the flock bishops must suspend clerics who violate adults or children.

Catholics are taught that priests are holy, celibate men who represent God on earth and can guarantee them eternal life by forgiving their sins. Given that kind of power, it’s no wonder many clerics abuse it for their selfish sexual gratification.

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  • Chris Tina Johnson
    commented 2016-10-11 18:29:43 -0500
    Thank you for caring about those of us abused as adults by catholic priests.. I was married (by jesuits) when a newly ordained jesuit priest who was mentally ill/satanic decided i was the one for him.. 20 YEARS of excruciating pain and abuse much of which concerned spiritual abuse,physical and psychological. ritual marriage done against my knowledge and will… it didn’t even end when he was found dead in a ditch in oregon with a woman he had taken hostage.. it has taken years to undo the remnants of damaging cords and other bizarre energy and mind control things he did…. He never should have been ordained.. he was disturbed and crazy and they knew it and set him loose on innocent people.. anything you can do to help the thousands of other female and male adult victim ‘s of priests will be appreciated.. many don’t even know that their lethargy and depression and lack of enthusiam for life is due to a catholic priest who has corded them and is sucking off their energy.. this jesuits boyfriend who was also a newly ordained jesuit priest molested my son.. he even pled guilty.. he got 2 years probation and was out teaching kids while we were still going thru the legal justice and healing systems.. he came to my deposition with his wife and baby.. you cant make this stuff up.. it is diabolical and it seems to happen to innocent loving people who know nothing about the insanity and terrorism of the catholic church and its priest hood.. i am convinced the whole catholic church is INSANE
  • @ tweeted this page. 2016-10-11 14:11:08 -0500

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