IL - SNAP to Moose International: “End the delays and remove Airey now”

A week ago, a doctor filed a child sex abuse lawsuit against the CEO of Moose International. It’s time for action. The Moose board should suspend its CEO.

Every day a credibly accused child molester retains his position and power, he can more effectively intimidate victims, threaten whistleblowers, discredit witnesses, shred evidence, fabricate alibis and even flee the country. So in child sex cases, delays help predators and their accomplices, and hurt kids and victims.

The accused, William Airey, has allegedly been on vacation. We believe he was scheduled to return on 12/16. Regardless, he’s likely available by phone, Skype and e mail. The board has no doubt had time to communicate with him.

Moose International is a huge and global non-profit. It works with children. It must err on the side of prudence and set an example of responsiveness for other organizations to follow. Again, there is no reason for delay.

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