IL - CEO of Moose International resigns; SNAP pushes for action

Days after a victim came forward to report the abuse he suffered at the hands of Bill Airey, the Moose International CEO has finally stepped down from his position.

We are grateful to Jason Peck for coming forward and going public about his abuse. Thanks to Jason, kids across the country are safer and those who were abused by Airey or any other Moose official will be able to seek justice.

Now that Airey is no longer leading Moose, it is up to other officials to do everything in their power to determine if any other kids have been abused within their organization, whether at an individual lodge or at the large Moose-run school in Mooseheart, IL. We are disappointed that these officials delayed so long in removing Airey from his position, but they now have to chance to do the right thing by aggressively seeking out other victims of abuse. We urge Moose officials to take these steps today.


Additional statement by David Clohessy

We're glad Airey has stepped down but he should have been suspended. Moose officials should use this opportunity to urge anyone with information about the accusations against him to call police. It's irresponsible for them to pretend their CEO isn't facing serious allegations and that Airey's resignation is some routine matter.  

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