IL- Boy Scout Officials forced to release “perversion files”; reveals hundreds of scout officials accused of child abuse in Illinois

When the Boy Scouts’ “perversion files” were court ordered to be released yesterday, thousands of cases of child abuse and cover-ups were made public. In Illinois alone, roughly 283 Boy Scout officials are accused of abuse. 

We are sad and disappointed that Boy Scout officials spent so much time and energy working to keep this information secret. How many children could have been kept safe if scout officials had done the right thing and reported child abuse right away?

We are glad that lawyers like Kelly Clark and Paul Mones did not give up in their effort to get the Boy Scouts’ secret documents released to the public. When parents and the general public are made aware of massive cover-ups and child abuse, they can take the proper steps to protect children.

No child should ever be put in danger. We hope that Boy Scout officials and everyone working with children will learn from this and do the right thing. 

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  • David O'Regan
    commented 2012-10-20 11:04:11 -0500
    Shouldn’t the protection of children been first priority? The Boy Scouts an organization that promotes leadership fails to protect vulnerable children. We must urge government to pass strict laws to make organizations criminally accountable with severe punishment to prevent this type disgracefulness behavior from harming innocent children.

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