IL- 2nd man reports abuse by Fr. O'Connell

I knew Father Mike O’Connell, but I didn't know he was a priest because of all the steroids at a gym where I was a member.


I was a teenager and I knew then that Mike O’Connell was dangerous, especially to kids. I stepped in and helped another kid that he was abusing, which is why I’m speaking out now.

I want to help other kids that are in danger now as well as survivors that are still hiding in shame. I also want to support the brave victim that came forward and reported Father O’Connell.

Based on my interactions with Father O’Connell I’m not surprised at all that a survivor has stepped forward. I hope many more will. I hope that by speaking out now I can help survivors in the same way I was able to help the kid at the gym that was being abused.

-John Doe 2

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