IA - SNAP supports proposed sex offender reform

We think this idea deserves serious consideration. There’s no magic age at which a sex offender is suddenly no longer dangerous. Older sex offenders may look harmless but actually be more dangerous than ever.

Serial offenders with stooped shoulders, thick glasses, thinning hair and advanced age tends look like harmless grandpas. They often lull us into complacency. But having spent years picking, grooming and assaulting the vulnerable, then telling cunning lies and making shrewd excuses, these older predators are often more dangerous than ever.

The real remedy, however, is reforming Iowa's archaic, predator-friendly statutes of limitations. If more victims can seek justice in courts - both civil and criminal - more child predators will be suspended, arrested, charged and imprisoned. And more officials will think twice about - and decide against - covering up child sex crimes.

If enough victims have their day in court, many more child molesters will be caught and jailed for much longer, so the need for a home like this will be diminished.


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